Big B remembers Hrishikesh Mukerji

Megastar Amitabh Bachchan may be having a super-packed schedule, but looks like the veteran actor never forgets to wish his friends, family, colleagues and people close to him ever on his personal blog. This time, remembering the late Hrishikesh Mukerjee on his birth anniversary which was on September 30, Big B recalled their yesteryears of working together.

Calling Hrishikesh Mukerjee his “Godfather in the Industry”,  Sr Bachchan wrote, “He knew how to say the simplest of stories in the most exciting and attractive manner.

“Indeed simplicity was in his demeanour and in his living. There was never any ostentatious elements in his story telling, his filming, or in his narration. He never wanted to go the route of the many large productions and the extravaganza that accompanied them. His films revolved around that typical middle class home, its problems and its issues. Human emotions were his absolute forte and he could bring out emotions in the most non emotional manner.

Describing the person that Hrishi Da was and sharing his rapport with the director, he further wrote, “His sense of budgetary on the film was exceptional. Constrained, and wise in his manner of set and film design, he would make his films in a tenth of the budget of other typical so called block busters…

“Conservative in his story telling, he was conservative in his thinking too. Set designs were L-shaped structures without roofs .. clothing was what the artist personally wore and came to the studio in .. and no chance of retakes. If you wanted one he would ask you to pay for the extra usage of the film – an expensive proposition in those times , when film was imported from Kodak …

“After a few days work he had started calling me ‘Maharaj’, for reasons only he would know…

“When Jaya and I decided to get married he was the first person after our parents, whom we met to inform of our decision. Him and Khwaja Ahmed Abbas, my first film director !” The legendary filmmaker, who is known for making films like ‘Chupke Chupke’, ‘Anand’, ‘Abhimaan’, ‘Guddi’ to name a few that are etched in the audiences’ memories, breathed his last on August 27, 2006.

Remembering meeting Hrishi-da’s on his last days, Big B signed off saying, ”During his last days he was in the ICU in hospital. I had gone several days to see him, but did not want to see him in the condition he was. Then one day I did. His entire body riddled with tubes and wires; of all kinds of machine … eyes shut and the ventilator heaving his body to breathe.

“Suddenly he woke up. His eyes opened. He saw me and his face brightened. Through all the tapes and bottles and wires his eyes beckoned me to come closer to him. When I did, he with great effort, pulled out his hand away from all the pipes and tubes on them, gestured me to bend down, and then with that weak trembling hand, put it on my head and asked me to leave ..

“The next day he passed away!! “I have done my maximum films with Hrishikesh Mukherjee …”

A most touching tribute, that…

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