Arbaaz Khan: Salman Khan and I respect the Dabangg franchise a lot

Back in 2010, we saw the release of the Salman Khan starrer Dabangg, two years later in 2012, the sequel Dabangg 2 hit screens. Directed by Abhinav Kashyap and Arbaaz Khan respectively, both films did rather well at the box office. Now years later, brothers Arbaaz and Salman Khan are planning the third instalment in the franchise. While the audience and fans are eagerly awaiting the release of Dabangg 3, Arbaaz was recently in conversation with Bollywood Hungama wherein he spoke about the film and why it is taking so long.

Speaking about how close the film and the Dabangg franchise is to them, Arbaaz Khan added, “It is pretty obvious that Dabangg 3 is very important. It is a franchise that we have created and we respect the franchise, we respect the character, we respect the love that the franchise has got and we respect the loyalty that the franchise has got. It is not just that you put a (part) three to the film, or a number at the end and it will be accepted. We have to be conscious of it and we are conscious of it. If it was just about putting (part) number 3 to the name, we would have done five by now. So there is a right time and place for it.”

Further Arbaaz Khan went on to talk about what to expect from the third instalment in the Dabangg franchise. “This time I have got out of the director’s seat, but it is not as though I will not be involved in the creative aspects. I have been a part of it from the first till how many ever in the series we are going to do. And yes we have a fresh person helming the affairs and he has his own ideas and vision. So it will be an amalgamation and it is going to be kind of a process where everybody is going to contribute and everybody is conscious. Everybody has got names over there, Salman’s got a name to protect, Prabhu Dheva has got a name to protect, I in my own way obviously want to keep the legacy going so I have also got to be conscious, I do have my inputs. Everybody is going to do their best efforts it is not going to be something that is dished out.”

Concluding the conversation on what the Dabangg franchise means to Salman Khan and himself, Arbaaz further added, “It is not going to be something like a cash cow so that we just go ahead and do something. That is not our prime need. It’s not Salman’s need, to just make a film and cash out of it. It is his franchise that he respects it a lot. Yes we will do the best we can and we can hope it gets all the love and attention and take the franchise further. But, god forbid it doesn’t work, it won’t be because we have not put our sincere efforts in it.”

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