Anurag Kashyap says that I am like his female version: Sobhita Dhulipala
Anurag Kashyap says that I am like his female version: Sobhita Dhulipala

Sobhita Dhulipala will be seen playing an important role in 'The Body' film. It is a remake of Spanish film and stars Emraan Hashmi, Rishi Kapoor and Vedhika. It is directed by Jeethu Joseph. In an exclusive interview, she talks about her film, career, family and her mentor Anurag Kashyap .

Did you see original film before doing the remake?

Normally directors give a brief not to see the original but in case of this film, it was not like that. I had seen the film couple of years back. I really loved it and they had suggested that I should watch it but I had already seen it. Somehow I knew if they will remake this film, it will be good. I had no idea when I saw that I will be part of the remake.

The film is about missing dead body; my character is bit crazy, who is rude to her husband. I liked playing it because in real life we are not like that. But all this behaviour comes from a fear.

Sometimes do you get anxious when your films take time to get release?

From the beginning I have done Indie –art house films, I knew for those films the outcome would not be a commercial high. It is going to be a creative joy, so I did not know if it will have good box office numbers or not. So I knew this film will also have creative satisfaction and I said let's focus on that.

Now I have become a person, who detaches themselves from the project once it is done. I don't want to be a businessman or trade person because I have a heart of an artist. If something will become successful then I won't dare to take a risk. But at the same time it is not like that I will try stay away from commercial cinema. But I don't want to follow any formula. I will do what I understand.

How was it work with Emraan Hashmi in this film?

Actually I shot for this film first and then we did Bard of Blood together. Here I am playing his not so nice wife. I remember telling him on the sets that you are doing a Netflix show and congratulated him for that.

After 3-4 months I joined the cast and he was like you have come here also. We have very chilled out bros kind of an equation with each other. He is lovely and funny person, so it is always nice to work with him.

Did you expect mixed reaction for Bard of Blood?

I think great advantage of being me is that I don't think about results once I finish the project. I don't feel that I have done this project even when I watch it. It is not just with the projects which have not done well but those which have done well also.

When I see them, I watch them like an audience. If I was offered a similar script now, I would have different reaction to it because I will change as a person and I would have acted differently. So I move on. There is a talk about second season the series and we are planning to start it very soon.

We have not been told much about it but it will be crazier than the season one. I will also begin second season of Made in Heaven next year. I am shooting for a Malayalam film with Dulquer Salmaan and then I will begin work on Made in Heaven.

Can you tell us bit about Ghost Stories?

This is my second project with Anurag Kashyap; I have made my debut with him in Raman Raghav 2.0. He is a creative genius and empowering. I cannot wait for everyone to watch it. Anurag has influenced me a lot; I have become lot more brave to make choice which I like. He has taught me to accept that if it okay if you don't fit in.

It is okay not be like other people, taking similar paths or preferences. It is okay to be minority of one as long as true to yourself. Anurag says that I am like his female version.

So do you also express yourself as strongly as Anurag does?

Well I don't get any lawsuits. I know that I am honest, it is a choice, you can choose to be honest or you choose to hide a truth. I also choose to speak my mind. I can't talk about shallow things.

Are you happy with kind of offers you are getting now?

I have got some recognition; I am not satisfied with it. The things which give me happiness are beyond these things. For me, seeing my parents happy, to think about having children sometime in future. These things excite me; these are like life's landmark. Work is work. I am getting to do work, which I am passionate about.

I am constantly aware that it is a huge blessing because no one gets such a chance. People don't get a chance to dream. I am aware of that and grateful about it. Whatever happens I know that I am not afraid. I am always open to life.

Were your parents always fine with you entering in this world of glamour?

I don't know how but they always told me do what you want to do but be sincere with it. It was amazing how they have been supportive. They live in Vizag at remote corner of town. They hardly watch television so they don't even know what I do. They have seen some of my work but their reaction is like nice and okay then they will speak about regular chores. For them dynamics are the same.

Would want to explore any other aspect of film making?

I love reading and writing. Writing has always been my first love but everything has a time. I feel that I have to grow older to be worthy of that chance because as we keep growing older, our perspective keeps changing. So I will need to take some more time to live my life.

Do you plan to settle down soon?

There is no time frame but I love children, so I can't wait to have kids. But I have not done any preparations for it. There is no special person in my life because I have just started my career and I have been busy with it. I just don't want to do some random things and be scattered.

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