Amazing stories from Shah Rukh fans from across the world

Over the years I have realized that I have the talent to understand the intensity of true fans of most of the stars/ actors in Bollywood. I came in contact with many fans from all across the world through twitter who had die hard feelings for their favourite stars. At the same time there were fans that were overzealous and abusive and they were sifted out. I strongly believe if you are a fan of anyone then you are being an ambassador of that person and you need to conduct yourself responsibly and soberly. Over the years I have stayed in touch with many fans who I have found to be ‘Real’ fans. I have interacted with many fans of Shah Rukh Khan. I have met a few of them in India as well as abroad. I have heard their stories and I felt that the world should get to know their stories as well. With SRK’s Fan up for release, it was an opportune time to share a few of their stories. So, in a three part series we shall share 15 stories of Shah Rukh Khan fans from all across the world, how he has inspired them, what he means to them and the efforts they’ve taken to travel to meet him. I would urge all his fans to write down their stories in the comments section

Bahar Rashidian, Iran

Destiny is something I really never consider as a factor in my life but it seems more that I should. I am in Vienna for placement test and interview for a University entry and on first April I got 2 emails, one yours and another a congratulation from the university that confirmed my admission. I don’t say it is because of SRK. I owe this achievement to my hard work and trying very hard to be positive toward my life and wanting more from life but I can’t deny that his story inspires me that there could be more in world for me if I want and try. I read somewhere that he has no idea why people say he is a big influence in their lives so allow me to tell you an interesting incident.

My flight to Vienna for exam was 3 days ago right after the tragic Easter attack in Lahore and because of my family my mother was worried about me getting rejected at airport and I tried to make fun and told her that if they could hold SRK and he said I am going to their home so I respect their terms for their guest, who am I to object?

So my flight had stopped in Kiev (I am a girl with blond hair and green eyes) so my appearance looks like a normal European girl and everything was going fine until I showed my passport to an officer and you can guess the rest and believe me it wasn’t easy to be patient when you saw that kind of behavior but a great person could teach you a great thing and I could handle this situation better because of what I learnt from him.

I wasn’t his fan because of him at first. I was his fan because he (with choosing right films at that point of time) was a hero that we as outsider wanted from Bollywood. He was and is a symbol of Hindi movies stars as we want to watch but I am his fan because he is a great artist and an intelligent, eager, honest and humble person who has this incredible ability to find his way to your heart. He is like someone you have known for years. You will worry for him if you see him sad or silent or in pain in a video and you want to protect him and I think God must really love him and hence gave this gift to him. He is an achiever and he is a born survivor and he never afraid to speak his mind and his respect toward the women. He is a one person that I would like to know more. I don’t have his posters or photos in my house and I don’t want or intend to have them but I am his fan in my heart and pray for all the best things to happen for him and his dear family and I intend to be his fan only in this way. I have to return to Iran in 6 days so I won’t be able to watch Fan in theater and it makes me sad that I haven’t watched even one movie from him in theater.

Linda Prediger, United Kingdom

I am a 50+ librarian from Stockton-on-Tees in the North-East of the UK. I am a little older than Shah Rukh Khan, but like him, look a lot younger, Ha ha! (a lady never reveals her true age). My story goes back 15 years or more, but starts in a more positive way in 2011. My family and I have been interested in ‘Art-house’ movies for a long time and were no strangers to watching ‘foreign films’ with subtitles.

I had watched a few Bollywood movies in the past. Some Black & White in the early days, and more recently one or two that I’d come across in my ‘Lovefilm’ list randomly, as well as some mainstream ones like Monsoon Wedding, Bride & Prejudice & Slumdog Millionaire etc. Similarly, I had watched some Bollywood movies just for their historical aspect because I like history. Amongst which was Asoka and Devdas.

So I suggested to my daughter that we watch some more Bollywood movies, because they were known to have ‘Happy Endings’ and might cheer me up. She immediately thought of one actor that she had admired and said, “Who was that good-looking guy in that historical drama about the king who becomes Buddhist?” I had to think hard about which actor she was talking about, as we had watched several historical movies. Then I remembered Asoka and replied “Oh, you mean the one with the hooked nose and big lips?”, “I guess he’s OK… if you like that sort of thing”.

Famous last words!

You must understand that up until this point, I was more used to Western faces and figures and hadn’t as yet learned to admire the charms of Eastern men. Plus, I had a husband to consider the feelings of. Any feelings I may have had for SRK on watching Asoka had probably been suppressed at the time. So without further ado, we found and watched Asoka again. This time, I was so impressed with this person’s acting ability and obvious charms that I was more than happy to send for some more DVD’s of his to watch. Never before had any actor touched me in the way that Shah Rukh Khan did. His good looks aside, no one could pull my heart-strings as he did. Make me laugh as he did. Make me cry as he did. I couldn’t watch enough of his movies and ordered as many as I could through my rental system. I can now boast that I own every one of Shah Rukh’s movies, including some of his cameo appearances and the TV series Fauji.

Athar, Belgium

My name is Athar. I’m a Belgian with Moroccan origin. I’m 24 years old. My Fans began in 2001, I was a child and I didn’t know about Bollywood movies at the age of 8-9; but one day I was at home with my mother and she decided to put an Indian movie on TV. And that movie was Dil To Pagal Hai. Since I saw that movie for the first time I fell in love with him. I was so interested in Shah Rukh that I used to ask my mother to find more movies of him. Instead of playing games outside like a normal child I wanted to watch only his movies. My room is completely decorated with his posters, pictures, and goodies of him. I met him in Germany on November 2, 2010 where he was shooting for Don 2. I went to Dubai to watch his show. As a student I used to save my money and buy tickets and fly to London, Dubai, Morocco. I have attended events like Ra.One premier, a charity gala in Birmingham, attended the Happy New Year press conference in Dubai. This is how I can show my love to him by going to the places where he is and thank him for everything he does for us and hug him. I had the huge chance to shoot with him, a scene for Fan, we spent a whole day together with the rest of the crew, and I saw him not as one of his fans, but as someone who work with him on set and that was another amazing experience that made me fall in love with him even more. We had a huge party for him for his 50th birthday in Mumbai. We met all the crazy fans of him, same day at night we joined the party for him. He called my name and it was the happiest day of my life.

Darina, Malaysia

I have been an ardent SRK fan for years now, but how I came to be one is quite a different story. Most of the fan stories I read mentioned that they first fell in love with Shah Rukh Khan by watching his movies. But it’s not the case for me. I was the Queen of Bollywood in my school as I really love Bollywood movies and was the most ultimate Bollywood fan. However I didn’t have any favourite actor because I love them all equally. Until one day a friend told me that she’s the biggest fan of SRK, and because I felt challenged, so I said no, I am his biggest fan. I don’t know why, but from that day onwards, I started reading, watching his interviews, doing research on him and I fell in love with Shah Rukh Khan, more and more every second.

What do I love about Shah Rukh Khan? Well, what is there not to love about him? Shah Rukh Khan is perfect in every sense! I was already a fan of his beyond amazing, exceptional acting talent. But other than that, he’s very good looking, he has the sexiest voice in the world, has the sweetest smile ever that can melt anyone. He’s the most chivalrous guy ever, so so down-to-earth despite the mega success he has achieved. And what really attracts me most is that he’s very respectful towards women. I’ve never seen someone who loves and respects women the way he does. Oh yeah how can I forget his amazing sense of humour! Even all the adjectives in the dictionary are not enough to describe this gem of a person. His parents must feel so proud to have a son like him. He’s an all- in-one package!

Salma, Morocco

My Shah Rukh Khan story began 13 years ago when I was 9 and I remember our neighbour who was already a fan of his brought Baadshah and we watched it together, it was my first Hindi movie. I loved it and he simply gripped my attention. I just found him different from all the other actors. Later on I got to watch Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Mohabbatein and the most beautiful crime was committed: he STOLE MY HEART. As every fan, my biggest dream was to meet him. After 9 years of dreaming, it gradually turned into reality, the first time I saw him in real was in Marrakech in 2011, that was an unforgettable moment for me I finally could use the famous line “Dreams do come true”. I was shivering while staring at him from away and enjoying the most beautiful feeling aka SRK, what an aura he’s got masha’Allah.

In order to interact with him and capture a moment with him I traveled to Berlin where Don 2 premiere was held but even there I could not get close to him but it was such an unbelievable freeeeeezing rollercoaster ride for me because it was my first solo trip to Europe at the age of 18 and he was no longer coming but he made it at the last minute (my parents were right when they told me don’t worry you can bear anything when it comes to SRK)…Almost a year later he came back to Marrakech and while my friends got to touch him take a picture and interact with him I failed. He came to Casablanca in 2013 for Espaces saada ad…that was the moment of my life and the best birthday gift ever, I spent the rest of Ramadan crying with joy. Then in 2014 I got to know he’s doing a concert in London so I convinced my parents to let me attend it. The show was brilliant he’s simply the best entertainer. And after roaming Heathrow terminals from 5am till 9pm I got what I could not get in Morocco and Germany, a picture with the person who makes my life interesting!

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