8 Worst moments from ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8

Danny has already taken over the King’s Landing by burning it to crisp, and earned the title Queen of Ashes. With one more episode to go, fans are speculating the level of heart break and disappointment they are about to feel.

Out of all the long 8 seasons, the final has been receiving most flak for its change of pace, storyline, plot, character arcs and more. This season has been written by the show’s creators David Benioff and DB Weiss, which has gotten the two in line of fire. Fans even google bombed them as bad writers and are calling the two, D&D: Dumb and Dumber.

Before we get to the finale, here are the worst moments of this season

Danny purging King’s Landing

Danny proudly overthrew Cersei’s reign in King’s Landing, waited for a minute and began burning every inch in sight. The twenty long minutes of Danny flying over the city to just kill her future subjects is not a good sign for the rightful heir to the throne, but as long as she has the dragon everything works!

8 Worst moments from ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8

Golden Company’s carnage

Given that the makers have cast aside the books for the show, Golden Company has been presented as the best sell swords of Westeros, which turns out only to be the largest number of cameos.

Tyrion, the fearful

Tyrion who survived seven seasons, a hateful sister and a fearful father alone on his own with his wit and confidence, only to given into the mad queen and be afraid of her. The drastic character change is as unsatisfactory as the show’s progress this season.

Arya going from the hero to the runner

Just as Tyrion’s character changes over the season, Arya made the drastic change overnight from the Night King killer to the season one’s Arya running around to save herself.

Rhaegal’s death

This was expected but not the way it happened, fans at first in shock quickly began to notice how illogical the death had been, and also how badly it will affect Danny’s state of him.

CGI blunders

How does the greatest show on earth manage to miss a coffee cup in the middle of a scene and then bring back a hand that went missing seasons ago?

8 Worst moments from ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8

Bran letting Theon die

Over the years we have come to love Theon Greyjoy, and we were hoping for his happy ending, as he would live out his days protecting Sansa, Lady of the Winterfell. But it all went to the docks as soon as Bran said, ‘You are a good man’.

Filming of The Long Night

Before the 5th episode aired, Battle of Winterfell was being called the worst episode of the season, thanks to the darkest episode of all time. Fans had compared screen shots from the episode to black images for memes.


The last episode of the season and the HBO hit series will air on May 20.

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