Skills with will!

There are skills that you acquire from special classes, and there are skills you acquire on the job. College fests provide certain skill development opportunities in a different setting.

Skills with will!

When students become a part of a college festival, there is more to it than “whiling away time doing nothing.” On the contrary, they are working harder than they have ever worked, and what’s more, they are not complaining since they are enjoying themselves and feeling a degree of self-worth which comes with putting in hard work. In the bargain, they are also developing certain skills that are required to enter and survive in the ruthless Indian industries. So what are these skills?

Communication skills: The organising committee meets with the members as well as other outside the college for coordinating the event and ensure its smooth running. Specialised teams meet corporate representatives for financial support, mentoring, industry involvement, participating in panel discussions and so on. They need to make adequate promises and deliver them. This provides them with opportunities to get their communication skills in order. In fact, they learn a lot about internal communication as well, since smooth communication among the team members is necessary. This provides them with the ability to develop their people and interaction skills as well.

Discipline: Discipline and order at the event itself are paramount. Sometimes, there is chaos and confusion at festivals due to the sheer number of participants, simultaneous events, and observers. Organisers have to do their best to ensure that the rules are in place, that everyone is aware of them, and that they are followed to the T.

Leadership: When enforcing the rules and systematic approaches among the team members, between different teams as well as among the participants on the day of the event, most team members develop a few leadership skills to make ensure the enforcement of discipline.

Responsibility: Festival themes start from scratch, with brainstorming at every level. Once all the duties are listed, they have to be delegated and followed up with responsibility. Students cannot come up with creative excuses on why the work is not done, since they are functioning on a deadline, and they are answerable to others, apart from themselves. This instils a deep value for shouldering responsibilities in various ways.

Decision making: Hundreds of decisions are to be made, and at every step students cannot run to the professors or principal for help. They need to take these decisions themselves. They also need to think on their feet since there are on-the-spot decisions to be made during the event as well. This enables coordination and adjustment as well.

Teamwork: Organising any event itself is a huge lesson in team building. The work needs to be delegated properly, for which the duties need to be charted out well. The team as a whole needs to be process-oriented, detailed and prompt. For that, they need to work in conjunction with other students and other teams, so that the final event is execute well. There is no space for personal egos or differences then!

Networking: Organising a college festival can really help students to build a lot of contacts while still on campus with key people at corporate companies, news agencies, and media houses. These will then become the first point of contact for students after they graduate.

Confidence and attitude: Confidence levels of college festival organisers get a huge boost once the event is carried out smoothly. They develop the self-belief to carry out any task presented to them, shedding the negative approach. This is a key trait that will help them immensely in the workplace.

Managing time and planning: As mentioned earlier, there is a time frame to all the activities that are carried out. Students need to start planning well in time so that they are ready for the finale. They need to factor in the time required for planning, and back-ups if necessary. They understand that the event needs to be planned with others, and there is no scope in putting it off till the last minute.

Keeping up with finance: Most organising committees have special finance teams that take care of the accounts of the whole event. Even then, each team needs to keep a tab on its expenses and budget. It is a huge lesson in managing finance.

There may be various ways to develop these skills, but this is one of the sure shot and  =fun oriented ones, that students vouch for!

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