New Delhi :  A senior CSK official said that the franchise was not expecting to go “scot-free”, after the IPL side was suspended for two years.

“I have not seen the Supreme Court order. When we see the order, we have to check with our legal council what course of action we should take.

“We may not take any legal recourse also. Super Kings are only suspended. We can come back after two years. We have not been terminated,” a senior official said.

Did the franchise expect this verdict? “See these things are very speculative and I can’t answer that. This is something that has been going on for some time now. We were not expecting to go scot-free, that everybody knows. The suspension is something we thought that might happen, we never said that it won’t happen,” the official said while refusing to say anything on the quantum of the punishment.

About the image of CSK being hit, the official replied: “Image has taken a hit) but anyhow we will have to find out how best we can comeback.”

On the change of ownership, he said it was too early to comment.

“The verdict has only come out and you are talking about selling shares. It does not work like that,” he said.

“Why should we (sell the shares)?” he counter questioned. If we have to comeback after two years, we will comeback after two years,” he added. —PTI