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Updated on: Saturday, December 18, 2021, 04:09 PM IST

South Western Railway creates awareness on fire safety


An extensive fire safety awareness drive has been launched over South Western Railway during last month covering Hubballi, Mysuru and Bengaluru Divisions.

As part of the drive, SWR has taken initiatives to educate all the stakeholders - rail users and railway/non-railway employees working at stations and in trains about precautions to be taken to avoid fire incidents like enforcing “No Smoking”, preventing "Carriage of Inflammable Materials” as per provisions of the Railway Act.

During the campaign, personnel related to railway operations and also the public have been trained in the use of fire extinguishers. This training is being given practically and also through audio/video. Apart from the train staff, this training is also being imparted to employees posted at the stations. Due to extensive efforts of the Safety Department of SWR headed by Alok Tiwari, Principal Chief Safety Officer, the following activities were taken up in the drive.

131 stations & 35 trains were covered in the drive.

Over 10,000 staff were counselled i.e. more than 25 % of Railway staff.

Over 17,000 passengers were counselled.

Apart from Scouts & Guides, RPF staff, Mechanical and Commercial Staff & Civil Defence volunteers were involved in this drive.

Demonstration of fire extinguishers was done covering over 7,000 staff.

Demonstration of Fire Extinguishers was done covering 2,300 Passengers/public

Hands-on training on using Fire Extinguishers was imparted to over 160 Passengers.

42 Seminars were held.

Over 21,000 SMSs sent.

Advertisements were published on print and electronic media.

Over 14,000 Pamphlets distributed.

The Importance of not smoking and not carrying inflammable articles has been emphasised.

Operation of emergency windows of coaches was demonstrated to passengers .

Sanjeev Kishore, General Manager, South Western Railway has requested the rail travellers and public to extend support in maintaining fire safety in trains and at stations.

Passengers are requested not to smoke in moving trains & railway premises. He informed that From April - November 2021, 1800 cases of smoking were fined in SWR and Rs. 3,82,600 has been collected.

5 cases of carrying inflammable articles came to light and Rs. 4,500 fine collected for the same .

Along with social media campaigning, announcements are also being made through public address systems and mass media. Video and print advertisements on fire-safety themes are also published to spread awareness.

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Published on: Saturday, December 18, 2021, 04:09 PM IST