South Western Railway (SWR)

Updated on: Thursday, July 23, 2020, 08:26 AM IST

157 parcel trains run on SWR carrying essentials

Indian Railways is running freight and parcel express trains for nationwide transportation of essential commodities in view of restrictions due to lockdown. During the period of lockdown, timetabled and on-demand Parcel express trains have come to the rescue of transportation of essential commodities, dairy products, and perishables. SWR has involved in timely transportation of essential commodities including medicines and medical equipment, milk & food stuff, perishables like vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, food grains, spices, dry coconut, Areca nut, chilli etc. to all parts of the country. During the lockdown period from 01.04.2020 to 19.07.2020, SWR has so far run 157 parcel trains carrying 19,032 tonnes of parcels to different parts of the country ensuring an adequate supply of essentials including medicines. 81 Nos. parcel trains were operated towards Howrah of which 78 trains originated from Bengaluru/Yesvantpur and 3 trains from Vasco-da-gama. SWR loaded 5,431 tonnes of parcel traffic carrying vegetables, fruits, Hatched eggs, mixed goods like food grains, chocolates, chilly etc. were loaded to Howrah/Shalimar. 28 Nos. parcel trains were run towards New Delhi carrying 2,568 tonnes of parcels containing medicines, foodstuff, sweets, coconut powder, dry chilies, Hatched eggs, pepper, etc. 26 Nos. trains carrying 2172 tonnes of parcels were run towards Guwahati and Dimapur the Northeastern states carrying hatched eggs, chocolates, medicines, auto spares, sanitary items etc. Electronic equipment and motorcycles were also carried to Howrah and Dimapur (Nagaland).

9 Nos. parcel train were operated from Bengaluru/Yesvantpur towards Jaipur/Kanakapura in Rajasthan with 536 tonnes of parcels. 7 Parcel express services were also run to Gorakhpur, carrying 453 tonnes of parcel.

In addition to carrying parcels to other states, SWR has also run parcel trips between Belagavi, Hubballi Davangere and Bengaluru and return carrying medicines, essentials, spices, pepper, chilli powder, eggs, Maze, etc,.

This is the first time that the time tabled Parcel express trains are being tried by SWR to different parts of the country, wherein local industries, e-commerce companies, interested groups, individuals and prospective loaders can book parcels to their destinations. This was also played as an alternative source to the leased parcel carriers, who are hither to catered by regular train services.

Suresh Angadi, Minister of State of Railways has also encouraged Railways to run timetable parcel trains through social media. A. K. Singh, GM/SWR has assured that SWR is committed to transporting essential commodities to meet the requirements of people in different parts of the country.

To provide a boost to freight and parcel express trains and for nationwide transportation of essential commodities, a Business Development Unit (BDU) has also been set up at SWR Head Quarter level and at Divisional level to assist customers for moving their commodities by the Railways as it is the best and safe choice for freight transportation during this current crisis.

Published on: Thursday, July 23, 2020, 08:26 AM IST