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Updated on: Saturday, December 12, 2020, 10:02 AM IST

Welfare of all, equality principle: Bhavarlal Jain's Vision

Doing one’s job skillfully is nothing but yoga. One who prudently practices the science of work without attachment can get rid of both good & evil reactions in this life itself. Therefore, strive for yoga which is the art of working skillfully in proper consciousness. Any good work should be dedicated to the God and it creates a joy. We get this message by reading the Gita (or the Bhagvad Gita). All good prayers, religions, sects, thoughts of individuals and devotional songs teach humanity to the humans. They think of an individual as a positive minded and respect humans. One who always thinks of welfare of all in the 24 hours of a day is the one who thinks of welfare of the world. Bhau had this thought in his mind as he was proactive man.

One does not become ‘Mahatma’ just in one day. One has to strive for a long period. One has to examine oneself whether we are traveling on the right path. One has to control one’s emotions and thoughts to think of the welfare of the world. An example for this is while learning cycling we balance both wheels by taking handle and brake in our hands. Then only cycle remains in control. How we should go about it in our daily routine is explained by this example. It can be said that unbalanced life is a strange tragedy of life.

Those persons who can understand the subtle difference between the need and greed are the only one who can think good of others. Having need and being a connoisseur – all these things definitely make humans progressive. Anything that becomes negative changes habit into addiction It does not remain the common hunger and gives birth to the thirst. Once Gautam Buddha was asked, how you would describe the reason for all sorrows and pains in a single word? Buddha answered that yes, it can be done. Thirst was the only reason for all pains and sorrows in the world. The biggest problem is the wish that, I need this thing.

We are experiencing presently how some nations and individuals are egoistic and take undue pride which increases carelessness with ‘Covid19.’ One oneself has to be virtuous before thinking of welfare for the whole world before thinking good of others. One has to become wise by proper thinking and searching inside of oneself. Those who can’t do this will not be able to think good of others. Bhau himself searched himself inside. He added good character with pious thoughts. “A smile on the farmers face is my biggest award,” he said. He was convinced that helping the needy persons gives a satisfaction and joy. He accepted the principle of corporate social responsibility and always did this duty. He not only followed this principle but also inculcated his virtues into his sons and the next generation. “We should accept that the society is not a heavy burden but it is an inseparable component of our life,” he used to say. We are witnessing these virtues of Bhavarlalji Jain being inculcated into their sons, daughters and all members of the next generation. Jain Family, Jain Irrigation and charitable sister concerns of JISL are striving for others despite adverse financial situation at present. They are happy to share the happy moments with others. Though the situation after Covid-19 is full of tensions, they are lighting up the lives of the needy people with the ‘Snehachi Shidori’ (स्नेहाची शिदोरी). As a true Jalgaonkar, we all are proud of Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. and the Jain Family which is around us.

Jain Family is sparing no efforts to pursue the goals laid down by JISL founder Hon. Bhau and the legacy continues. Bhau created a work culture which is unique as it spreads the joy on farmers’ faces. The legacy of good work of Bhau is carried over by Chairman Ashok Jain, Vice-Chairman Anil Jain, Joint Managing Director Ajit Jain, Atul Jain and Athang Jain and Abhedya Jain from the third generation. They all are engaged in serving to not only farmers but also others. This thought of Bhau has already been followed continuously to serve the needy farmers and other souls. We can firmly say that Bhau’s legacy of working hard to make the Mother Earth better than found by us.

‘We should contribute to the good work wherever it is being done as it is God’s work.’ This was Bhau’s strong belief and thought. So following this belief, the selfless service became successful in both the lock down and un-lock down period. JISL continued the movement for keeping humans alive and serve the humanity as a whole. At times, the volunteers of JISL put their life into danger. Behind this, there was an inspiration of Hon. Bhau. That all are equal and welfare of all is necessary. When a human being forgets the existence of himself and strives for betterment of the farmers, he gets inspired and this will make his work much better than others. This thought of Bhau pushes members of the Jain Family and associates of JISL to go beyond the comfort zone and serve the society with money, means and goals.

JISL associates worked for maintaining the peace of mind of the Covid-19 patients along with caring for their family members. They also reached Covid-19 centres themselves. Elder son of Hon. Bhau Shri Ashok Jain himself provided online guidance to the Covid Centre set up by Bharari Foundation to provide support and strength to the Covid-19 patients. Joint M.D. Atul Jain himself accepted the responsibility for the meals provided to needy under the program ‘Snehachi Shidori.’ These meals were provided in the required time with security. JISL considered its own duty to play a social role and assume responsibility. During the lock down period and un-lock down period also, JISL supplied meals to nearly 10 lakh people with the help of Bhavarlal & Kantabai Research Foundation and Gandhi Research Foundation. Now also it is being done at Kantai Hall. The value of humanity is being well preserved by this kind of act to serve the needy persons in the society.

If one looks positively at the several calamities (natural and man-made) which inevitably arise with the hard work and pains, he/she always find a way to fulfill their dreams. There should be more faith in the humanity. The value of helping out the poor people even when one is himself in danger, is the true value. These values are like sunrays which removes the darkness from lives of others. The moon is cold even while providing some light in the total darkness of night. The values teach the religion of humanity to the humans which were the same taught by Hon. Bhau. His thought that “The work of society is not a loan but it is a small repayment provided with the gratitude,” awaken us. So JISL is firmly supporting the public with gratitude. Social Responsibility is the religion of humanity and Jain family and JISL provided light to all in the lock down period. They served the society. The works done included sanitizing the Jalgaon city, health workers, nurses, doctors, police employees, Covid-19 survey, efforts to educate people about Covid-19, distribution of Thermal Guns and Oximeters, Care for health of associates and providing meals two times for the needy people.

Published on: Saturday, December 12, 2020, 10:00 AM IST