IndianOil launches new fuel exclusively for the Indian Navy

IndianOil has always endeavoured to supply world-class fuels to Indian Defence Forces. Moving ahead in this direction IndianOil has developed and upgraded the specifications of HFHSD- IN 512 fuel required for Indian Naval ships. The upgraded fuel now exceeds the MIL DTL 16844M specifications which is considered benchmark standard across in the world. The fuel possesses the best rheological and detergent characteristics validated against most stringent military specifications. It also has lesser environmental impact due to low Sulphur content and would result in the better performance of engines. This fuel will facilitate the Indian Navy to enhance its global footprint and will allow India to fuel the vessels of friendly foreign countries at places where fuel conforming to NATO grade is supplied.

Speaking on the occasion, Vice Admiral G.S. Pabby called the launch of the upgraded HFHSD- IN 512 fuel exceeding MIL DTL 16844M specifications a historic day in the partnership of the Indian Navy and IndianOil. He appreciated IndianOil’s dedicated efforts towards research and rigorous testing for formulation of the upgraded product along with the upgradation of downstream infrastructure for ensuring delivery of the product at Naval Jetties.

“The changeover to the upgraded HFHSD- IN 512 has been done without any additional cost to the Indian Navy by IndianOil” said Vice Admiral G.S. Pabby while appreciating IndianOil’s swift efforts to meet the Indian Navy’s requirement. He added that the specifications of fuel developed by IndianOil exceeds the even the global benchmark i.e. MIL DTL 16684M.

Dr. SSV Ramakumar, Director (R&D), IndianOil welcomed the COM and other officers of Indian Navy and briefed the gathering that the very genesis of R&D way back in 1972 was to attain self sufficiency through indigenization of POL products required for defence forces. He elaborated that the IndianOil/ Indian Navy partnership panning past several decades has resulted in development of high performance products as and when new vessels / equipments are inducted.

Further, he reiterated R&D Centre’s commitment to continually bring forth products & processes to meet the future needs sustainably and address country’s needs of reducing import dependency through a presentation enumerating latest developments of the Centre. R&D played an important role in the formulating and developing the world class HFHSD fuel required for new generation vessels of Indian Navy.

SM Vaidya, Director (Refineries), IndianOil, said that IndianOil has always been guided by country-before-business philosophy. The company has strongly supported the energy needs of the Indian Defence Forces in both peace & war times. He shared that a recent study in India has revealed that the Indian Armed Forces appears on the top of the list of ‘trustworthy’ institutions in the country. The trust reposed by the Indian Navy in IndianOil as a preferred fuel supplier is thus a matter of great pride, particularly as trust is one of the coveted core values of IndianOil. The longstanding integral partnership with the Indian Navy is a matter of great honour for IndianOil. Director (Refineries) also said that these opportunities of offering energy solutions to our esteemed stakeholders and customers is a top priority for the company.

The upgraded HFHSD blend, meeting NATO specifications, has been rigorously tested within refinery and R&D, and the product is being supplied from Haldia & Paradip Refinery. IndianOil looks forward to such innovative technical collaborations with the Indian Navy for supporting the requirement of its new fleet.

Vaidya further added that IndianOil refineries were the first ones to make available 0.5% Sulphur Marpol Fuel Oil that will reduce stack emissions from the ships.


About the Product

Indian Navy had desired that fuel supplied to them should be upgraded to conform to MIL DTL 16884 M specifications. This would facilitate Indian Navy to have a Global footprint and ensure inter-operability with all leading foreign navies.

IndianOil R&D conducted an in-depth fuel characterization study as per the NATO grade MIL specifications and further incorporated the additional parameters suggested by IN. Accordingly, IndianOil prepared a specification comprises of 22 parameters against the 20 parameters of MIL specs for supply of HFHSD exclusively for Indian Navy. INDIANOIL proposed specification exceeds the requirement of MIL DTL 16884 M specifications. The inputs shared with identified refineries and started producing the customized HFHSD- IN 512 fuel benchmarked to International Standards for Indian Navy.

The Customized HFHSD- IN 512 from IndianOil exclusively for Indian Navy is termed as Global Best Specification Product with Unique combination of Low Pour & CFPP and High Flash Point. It exceeds all International Standards. The customized HFHSD has Highest Cetane Number amongst all Marine Diesel Fuel and exceeds MIL-DTL 16884M specifications in terms of Fuel Hygiene parameters and other critical properties.

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