BHOPAL: On the lines of PAN and Aadhaar numbers, which establishes one’s identity, soon your house and office would get a digital identity. The residents here are all set to get a nine digit code indicating the precise location of their residence or office. The aim is to provide a digital identity to commercial and residential properties by e-linking their exact addresses to create a database.

Bhopal is among the first cities in the country to have this digitized address system. The Bhopal Smart City Development Corporation Limited (BSCDCL) is developing the system for 5 lakh houses in the city’s urban areas. The slums have been exempted for now as the structures there are unorganized.

BSCDCL chief executive officer (CEO) Sanjay Kumar claimed that Bhopal is among the first in the country where residential address e-linked. The new system will provide an e-identity to our houses as well as saving time, money and also fuel, he added. For example, the address of house number 9999 at yyyy colony at Saket Nagar, Bhopal will get a digital identity MPBP xx66 under the new system.

In this digital format, abbreviation MPBP would stand for Madhya Pradesh Bhopal and the following alphabets or the digit will indicate area, colony number and subsequently the house number. The project is being developed at a cost of Rs 6 crore for which a Hyderabad- based company has been hired for property mapping. The company will feed the location of the residential complex by keeping the electronic devise in-front of its gate.

This will give the exact location of the house which will be then uploaded on company’s map. This will then be used to create the nine-digit plate of the house. After the new system comes into existence the activities including calling cab at doorstep, ordering online products or eatables or reaching any location using navigation will become more precise.