“Young actors are playing older aged roles aren’t convincing at all”, says Kiran Kumar

He brings an incredible amount of experience on-screen. Having worked for Bollywood and television, Kiran Kumar, who is currently seen in Zee TV’s popular Sanyukt talks to Dhrithi Sudhakar Gulvadi about his show, the generation gap, familial bonding and more…

How is the audience reciprocating to the unconventional approach of a show that is portraying middle-aged actors as the lead unlike other daily soaps which have young actors as the lead?

To be honest, I don’t need to prove a point to anyone. I feel a lot of shows where young actors are playing older aged roles aren’t convincing at all. One needs to have an experience of their age. I’m middle aged and I accept the fact. I’m thoroughly enjoying this stage of my career and life and work. It’s really no big deal that younger people play older aged roles. Older people playing younger roles are more exciting actually. Whoever is watching the show has loved my work. I receive phone calls and messages regarding that but I’m not on Facebook or Twitter, hence I don’t know what the digital media would tell me about it. The kind of telephone calls and messages I have been receiving from people is to say that they’re liking the show and loving me and for me this is bigger than anything else.

Many families are broken when their children are not mature enough to bind them together due to their engagement in money and career building requirements. Do you think NGOs do less to focus on this issue rather?

Well, we are all living in an age where everybody is here to make a career and money. We’re letting the basic emotion to dwindle. We’re not really paying attention to this emotion which a human heart is capable of having. We’re working with our minds and brains. People who have really taken care of you and have given you the kind of life, education and values because of which you’re profiting in life and doing wonders are your parents. They have invested in you to pursue an MBA. You completed your MBA and when they see you in the top brackets of corporate sectors, suddenly you feel that this is what you got and then you may think to shift elsewhere and let the parents be where they are. Children don’t really care and look back what the parents are undergoing. I mean parents don’t want your money, fame.

They want at least an acknowledgement of them being parents to you. The acceptance of your love. What they require out of you? Just your love, little bit emotions which you can easily provide. That’s where the whole society goes wrong and once when your children start doing this to you then you’d feel ‘Oh my god! How can my children do this to me’? They forget the fact that this was what they did to their parents. Govardhan is a character where every 55 year old person will relate to because what Govardhan is going through is what a lot of middle aged men go through. He epitomizes this age group and situations where a parent is put into at a later stage in his/her life. I hail from a family where I stay with my parents and children are staying with me. But I yet understand the pain when children move out. I know a lot of my friends who had this pain and they come over home in the evening and discuss about their kids. We have our drawing rooms filled with the photographs of our children, but it’s just the photographs we have. The children are gone. This is what is happening today. No NGOs or spiritual gurus will bind a family together. They can only advise you, guide you the way in which you should lead your life. It’s upon the children to realize that the way they needed their parents at an age when they were growing up, the parents need their children too at a particular age.

Do you think Sanyukt can survive in the long run?

I really don’t know how long it will survive because I don’t have the capacity to give numbers to Sanyukt. A show like this must be watched by people. It’s a pleasure shooting this show. We have a lovely script. It’s different and it’s not shot the way the usual television shows are shot. I believe the director is doing a fabulous job and the writer Atul is also doing a fabulous job in writing some great scenes. Every actor is enjoying whatever is being given to them and I think if things go well and people really start watching it, I’m sure this will go on for some time.

Have you taken retirement from Bollywood, as you seem to be quite busy with your television commitments?

Not at all. I did Brothers and Bobby Jasoos. I’m also doing a Gujarati film and playing the title role. I’m doing everything I can. I’m also doing a play. I want to do everything now and there is nothing I don’t want to do.

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