You need to know about how Siddharth P Malhotra cast Ssudeep Sahir and Disha Parmar for Woh Apna Sa!

The upcoming show Woh Apna Sa on Zee TV had a very interesting promo which is getting a lot of attention from the public, especially the casting. And, when we asked the maker of the show Siddharth P Malhotra, he had some rather interesting information to share about the lead cast.

He says, “When Woh Apna Sa’s casting was going on, I remember I was at the gym working out. I met Ssudeep Sahir, who kept telling me that we need to do something good together. At that time, the character of Aditya was been created, and I told him that the character has need for you and is one of the most challenging characters. Also, heroes on TV don’t get a lot to do. But in Woh Apna Sa, this hero is there on both sides of coin. So I explained him the entire graph of the character while working out in gym, and he agreed he would do it.”

About casting the female lead, Siddharth says, “About casting Disha Parmar, the entire credit goes to my mother, my wife and the very talented Rohini Singh from Zee TV. Rohini, in her way, is the backbone and a big supporter of this show. Also, I would want to thank Mr. Deepak, who actually made Disha Parmar happen for us. I remember speaking to her in Bangkok and telling her about the role, and trying to explain to her that this was one of the best written roles. I told her, it wasn’t a your regular, boring heroine role and how it was written so differently. So, the minute she heard the track and the fact that she’s got a lot of challenges to do, she immediately said yes to it.”

However, the toughest person to cast, according to Sidharth was Ridhi. He says, “Ridhi was the most difficult person to cast, because we wanted to cast a heroine and give her layers. We wanted somebody like Kangana Ranaut from Tanu Weds Manu, who is a complex and we needed a very strong actor. Just one day before we started shooting the show, Ridhi came to meet me. So, it was very last moment, still I was convinced she could do it. I promised her that this role will be a landmark in her career and I really hope it does become that, because we really tried portraying her that way and she has done a fabulous job.”

Phew, that was some tale! But as they say, sometimes one must leave things to chance and just listen to what the universe has to say! We hope to watch more of these talented actors real soon!

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