World Earth Day 2018: Tech care of nature

Let us look at the ways in which technology is trying to do wonders just by making the most of nature to create a better place for the coming years

Technology says ‘go green’

World Earth Day 2018: Tech care of nature

Since nature inspires technology, on this Earth Day, let us look at the ways in which technology is trying to do wonders just by making the most of nature  to create a better place for the coming years and generations

To reduce plastic pollution, green gas emissions, fossil fuel consumption and water usage, here are some amazing creations to make the world more sustainable and help the planet recover from the bad shape.


It is an off-grid system that generates energy without any electricity. It produces upto two hours of cooking gas from your food scrap or animal waste. All you have to do is set up the biogas in the backyard or where you have a composter and then connect it to the gas supply of the stove.

Banana leaf leather

It is an ethical and economical alternative to leather. A small team created fibre using the green waste from banana trees growing on the Island of Kosrea in Micronesia that resembles leather. It is not only durable, but also water resistant.

Bee’s wrap

Made up of organic cotton, beeswax, tree resin and organic jojoba oil is a sustainable food storage and a natural alternative to plastic wraps for food. It lasts up to a year if used multiple times a week. So, eliminate plastic in your kitchen and go for a healthier option.


A low maintenance device that gives access to clean and safe drinking water to everyone without electricity, labour or damage to the environment. It extricates water from the air by a process of condensation and collects up to 37 liters of water a day.

Transparent solar panels

This transparent solar panel is a replacement for windows that produces enough electricity for entire buildings. It can even turn our smartphone’s screen into a photovoltaic solar cell since it works for any sheet of glass as well.


It’s time to bid adieu to Styrofoam and switch to ‘Mushroom Packaging’ (Mycofoam), which is bio-based, renewable, and compostable. It is a vegetarian substitute for dishes to serve in. When it is disposed by simply throwing it in the garden, it biodegrades within weeks. It is even used to cushion large computer servers.


By using the slow current of any body of water it produces high energy. According to Waterotor’s website, “Water has 830 times more energy than wind, thus, a small device in water can economically harness a large amount of energy around the clock.” It is a great substitute for fossil fuel generators that causes pollution and is used in the major parts of the world.

The edible water bubble

It’s called ‘Ooho’ and is made of seaweed extract containing 250 milliliters of water. Being entirely natural and biodegradable, this squishy blob of water can be consumed whole. It is not only cheaper than those plastic water bottles, but also cutting down the usage of plastics with time.

Hybrid and electric cars

Hybrid cars use less gas and produce 90% less pollutants and the electric cars run on rechargeable batteries, thus leading to reduction in air pollution and green house gases.

Smarter homes

The home is one of the biggest energy eaters and if we’re able to change that, then what could be better? Devices like smart thermostats and motion-activated lighting make it easier to only use power when it’s needed. Hence, it slacks off the electricity usage significantly. It can be used for private homes and businesses as well.

While technology and environment might seem to be poles apart, nature and our most high-tech devices are more inter-connected than we think. It gives us a reference from which we can innovate and teaches us what will work and what will not. It has the potential to change nature – either for better or worse. Now, it is in our hands!

Go digital, go paperless!

World Earth Day 2018: Tech care of nature

To not let future generation find themselves in a very bleak world, we can adopt the methods of saving trees and tap into a brighter and greener environment

In the wake of deteriorating environment conditions, Earth Day is a global initiative to bring awareness on how to protect the planet and these technologies are doing their best to make a difference and here’s how.

Paperless Billing

We save time sorting through bills and there will be less clutter of billing statements in our homes. It also acts as a monthly reminder and we have a 24/7 online access to our current and past bills. That makes us less worried about losing bills. No more postage and save on check costs too.

Paperless Offices

The documents and other papers are converted into digital form as to eliminate the use of paper. It also gets convenient to share them electronically and it’s also called paper-free office(s). There are various ways to go paperless in an office environment. For example: online forms, digital catalogs, digital time clocks, digital invoices and many more.

Paperless Examinations

Yes, it is happening now! A lot of schools and colleges have made a shift to modernised examination system. They’ve introduced e-tablets with everything that is required for an examiner while appearing for it. This isn’t only a fresh experience for students, but also an avenue for the administration to save some mammoth figure of sheets every academic year.


We can de-clutter our desks by removing post-it notes with reminders and other information we need to keep a track of. Because now, we’ve an option of putting up virtual post-it notes on our phones and it even comes handy. Even if we haven’t set a reminder for something important, the note is a reminder enough to nudge us (as we look at our phones more than often).


It’s not easy to not have the hard copies of the books we love to read, but reading them online will not change the story. Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Nook are pretty popular e-readers, which let you store hundreds of books in your account. You can even share books with your friends and carry these instead of those heavy hardcovers.


Discover the joy of writing letters through mails without waiting for long to receive or get it delivered with this new era. You’ll not have to go through the process of rigorous struggling to find something that was sent to you ages ago.


A study has shown that streaming movies is better for the environment since it uses less energy and emits less carbon dioxide while you cozy up in your bed with a tub of popcorn and watching some romantic-comedy. You’ve had your fun and meanwhile, saved some energy. Modern devices such as laptops and tablets are the reason for the improvement.

Diminishing the use of paper is not a one-time event, rather a continuous series of efforts to move away from paper and establish a culture that frowns on waste. Because adopting a right tool can take us a long way and if we’re moving towards greater digitisation, then why not reap its full benefits? After all technology is a growing trend in protecting the environment.

– Compiled By Shikha Jain

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