go minimal with a delicate
go minimal with a delicate chain

Wearing jewellery at work is no big deal unless you do not know the way. Sapna Sarfare searches for ways to incorporate jewellery in your office attire to look great.

It is always nice to look great at work and feel great too. The trick is to not just pick up perfect attires day after day but also compliment them with some good accessories. Work jewellery is a boon for great work attire, if you know how to select them properly. But chances are you either go as if attending a wedding or look plain & then wonder why no one pays any attention to you. For that, we need to have experts about the latest in work jewellery and also classics for work.

Bringer Of Change

It is safe to say that jewellery has the power to make or break an outfit. Saurabh Maheshwari of Vishal Jewels feels jewellery can define a woman’s personality. “It’s a sum total of her moods, emotional & physical state of mind and expresses her attitude & body language. For a working woman, the right kind of jewellery can be the differentiating factor in her attitude, body language and expression of herself.”

Abhishek Maloo, Marketing Head TBZ-The Original, too thinks jewellery is the way to express one’s personal style. “Spending time at work with corporate dress codes can seem to be a dull affair without the right jewelry. While accessorizing for work, the jewelry must be kept classy & minimal, as it adds a touch of sophistication and also elevates your professional look.” He puts great significance in complimenting the office attire with classic jewelry but not going overboard with garish pieces.

A touch of pearl to your formal wear
A touch of pearl to your formal wear

The Wrong Ones

Most of us are no fashion followers to know about the right things every time. We may occasionally go through simple fashion magazines to just sigh over the expensive fashionable stuff. And so we are bound to make wrong choices, especially with jewellery. Abhishek considers jewellerys’s main purpose is to enhance one’s ensemble. “Pairing an outfit with matching jewellery is not only outdated, but also a serious faux pas. Noisy jewellery like clinking bracelets, tinkling earrings should be refrained at work.”

Saurabh has already mentioned as to how any jewellery can be a defining thing for a person. “Many a times, working women, while selecting jewellery for their work place, give more emphasis to the functionality of that jewellery piece and price and ignore the fact that the particular piece still has to express their personality and attitude more. Matching the kind of jewellery with the kind of attire one wears is also a lot of times, not kept in mind.”

Essentials In Work Jewellery

Of course, essentials are a must in every jewellery box worth its salt. Saurabh believes work jewellery essentials must be simple, elegant and subtle. “But it should add more to the woman’s personality and define her. Functionality and ease of wearability along with repeat value is essential. The jewellery piece should not be loud and should not over play with the work set up.”

You can go for straight line bangles or even eternity rings
You can go for straight line bangles or even eternity rings

Abhishek feels less is more in terms of work place jewellery. Minimalism is the byword to looking incredible in the office. “Contemporary jewelry with elegant charms is a great choice as it can be worn with various office ensembles in different styles and colours.  Opt for jewellery that is versatile and can be worn to work as well as formal events.”

Latest Trends To Know

Time to know the latest jewellery styles to adopt for work attire! Abhishek considers pearls & diamonds as ideal choice. “They add elegance and grace to a formal look. For instance, one can also pair an emerald necklace with a solid colour shirt to break the monotony. Simple charm bracelets, gold studs or massive accessories like layered necklaces, cuff bracelets or statement rings are appropriate for a 9-5 look.” But he still wants everyone to maintain minimalism and not overdo.

Saurabh suggests simple yet classy diamonds & coloured stones earrings. “It can be worn for even small evening outings. Simple bracelets or bangles add to the evenings. Diamond solitaire or colored stone rings also add to the work attire. Natural colored stone strings go with the clothes. You can wear small diamond pendants with matching earrings. We have crafted and launched our own “Air Collection” of diamond rings aimed for the working women and focuses on the corporate look for modern women with dressy designs.”

Go Classic

Of course, certain classic stuff always works for the best anywhere. The same goes for jewellery. Saurabh reveals, “Simple diamond solitaire rings or colored stone rings work well, apart from small diamond pendants in chains to match the rings/earrings. You can go for straight line bangles or even eternity rings.”

Nothing can wrong with diamonds, says Abhishek. “Diamond jewelry is a classic choice for the work space. Dainty diamond studs or solitaire diamond rings are extremely versatile and add sophistication to office attire. Diamond pendants set in gold or silver look extremely professional as well and are totally appropriate.”

Office is for work. But who says you cannot look great at your workplace? Take the advice and shine with your work, attire and jewellery all together.

PHOTO CREDIT: TBZ – The Original & Vishal Jewels

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