Wishing, learning and celebrating art & knowledge that drives life

Indore: Celebrating the Bengali alternative of Basant Panchami, Bengali community gathered at club centres and prayed to goddess Saraswati for knowledge and blessings. While the community celebrates Durga Puja with grand frenzy pandals and traditional dhols, they might tone down the celebrations but ensure that all elements are used in prayers to Saraswati as well.

The community discusses interesting arts and literatures, while of course, questioning the performance of children in schools. Such conversations make the scene in ‘adda’, which is an informal gathering after the ‘pujo’.

Talking about his feelings, student Abhijeet Ghosh said, “I feel art is an important of our life and without knowledge one cannot grow.” He is more inclined towards knowledge as he finds mathematics more appealing than painting.

“I can spend hours doing mathematics and yes it is becoming more challenging with promoting classes,” Abhijeet said. He prayed to goddess for help in easing obstacles that hurdle him in understanding mathematic problems.

Sharing her experience, homemaker Malini Pal said, “I am glad that goddess has blessed me with knowledge and understanding to take care of my family.” She felt relieved that her life has been smooth, especially school days.

“Now that I have Nivedita (her daughter), I pray for her to be wise, artistic and knowledgeable,” Malini said. She explained that art is must for happiness in life.

Wishing, learning and celebrating art & knowledge that drives life

Making wishes for her inspirations

While everyone made wishes for their children’s future and education, teacher Bratati Ghosh made wishes for all her students. Talking about her wishes, she said, “For me all students are my inspiration as well as children.”

Elaborating her feelings, Bratati said that children have taught her the art of living life. “These children are innocent but they are wise enough to create and understand art,” she said.

Further, she wishes for her husband’s betterment and welfare of family members.

Wishing, learning and celebrating art & knowledge that drives life

Acknowledging power and learning first alphabet

Being a loving mother and understanding wife while managing countless household responsibilities, homemakers discussed beautifying life with art. One such homemaker Chandranik Bhowmik talked about the importance of worshipping goddess.

“We believe that every woman has the power of goddess, which drives this world,” Chandranik said. She elaborated that when a woman understands and acknowledge her power, she can succeed in unimaginable ways. “I am a simple homemaker, but I am grateful for everything the goddess has given me alone with the power to take care of my family,” Chandranik said. Discussing his kids, food and drug manager Rajeev Bhowmik said, “My younger son (Sounak) is about to learn his first alphabet, so the festival is particularly important for him.” He elaborated that all Bengali kids are taught their first alphabet in Saraswati Pujo.

Wishing, learning and celebrating art & knowledge that drives life

Cheerfully asking for help

Following farewell celebrations in school, students were in cheerful mood. Sharing her feelings, Class XII student Antara Ghosh said, “I am very happy, but of course I need goddess Saraswati’s help the most now.”

She feared upcoming examinations and results of practical examinations. “I am glad that life is taking a new turn with excitement about college life, but I need support of knowledge to get in the right field,” Antara said.

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