Will George R. R. Martin write for the ‘Game of Thrones’ successor show?

FPJ Web Desk | Updated on: Wednesday, May 29, 2019, 08:00 PM IST


After Game of thrones receiving backlash for it final season and its finale, you would think writer of the book series A Song of Ice and Fire would think it would be wise to come on board for the show’s prequel, but George R. R. Martin has different plans.

Game of Thrones creators, David Benioff and D. B. Weiss will not be taking the responsibility for the prequel, and instead the show is to be helmed by Jane Goldman and the showrunner and executive producer alongside the George R. R. Martin.

Martin during an interview old New York Times in November 2018 the show is all Goldman there isn’t much to go on with the story from the books. “If you look at the published books so far, there’s really very little material about that — a sentence here, a sentence there,”


“Old Nan tells a tale that takes up a paragraph. So Jane had to create the characters, the settings and some of the events, and we had to look at everything that was said and say, ‘O.K., here’s what was said at this point, we need to make it consistent to that.’ We kicked around some ideas and I made some suggestions. But mostly it’s been Jane running with it. It’s set thousands of years before Game of Thrones. King’s Landing does not exist. The Iron Throne does not exist. There are no dragons there.” he added.

So it safe to say, if you choose to watch the prequel it will be strictly off the books and will go into uncharted territory even for Martin and he will not be writing the story himself. And we know what happens when you try to do that, after the last season of Game of Thrones.

Back in 2017 HBO had suggested there will be 5 spin offs that Martin prefers to be called as successor shows. With Jane’s script already began filming, the network says the others are slowing moving forward.


Martin who often shared insights on his blog wrote, “We started with four, and eventually went to five. One of those has been shelved, I am given to understand, and of course Jane’s pilot is now moving to film. But that does not mean the others are dead. Three more Game of Thrones prequels, set in different periods and featuring different characters and storylines, remain in active development. Everything I am told indicates that we could film at least one more pilot, and maybe more than one, in the years to come. We do have an entire world and tens of thousands of years of history to play with, after all. But this is television, so nothing is certain.”

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Published on: Monday, May 20, 2019, 12:17 PM IST