Weekly Prediction 29 May to 4 June 2016

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Aries:- There will be opportunities for you in business which will give you some extra profits now. You will find success in achieving your goals in this week at work place. Some minor health problems will knock your door related stomach and throat on Tuesday and Wednesday. Those in sports will play some crucial role to bring their team to a winning position. Understanding your life partner feelings is necessity otherwise misunderstandings, clashes and distance could extend in your relation in coming future. Engineers, technicians will find new jobs. Old friends or colleagues may come into contacts again at weekend.

Taurus:- When you are taking right steps due to others mistakes proposals are not working out and this is making you little frustrated. It’s happening in every sector whether it is professional or domestic. In this week you may think of going somewhere far from all responsibilities and burden; and it will be a good idea to spend a short tour with family or friends which will refresh your mind and make you stable. Thursday and Friday be cautious while on wheels. Those in politics and social sector must avoid giving strong commitments. Agriculturist must need to plan accordingly as this time chances are rain may hit next week of June.

Gemini:- You are in a good phase and stars are supporting your every moves whether they are good or bad but this is also the time to rectify your past mistakes or any false work which may get you into trouble in future as there are now few months more left of this good phase. Those in production and manufacturing sector must take precaution while handling heavy machines accidents, fires might cause problems at the end of the week. It is very important to keep your secret documents in safe as possibility of misplacement is there.


Cancer:- Sunday Monday health issues might put a stop on your work progress. Students will feel the happiness about the hard work taken in exams as the results are quite satisfying and they will perform well in their higher studies. Those in agriculture sector rains might console them by showering at the end of this week. Your co-workers will get impress with your ideas and plans and will be supportive while expressing them to seniors. You to grow in size the responsibilities and authority.  Obtain the maximum of carried out works currently.  You will arrive to the fence on projects more quickly.

Leo:- Reorganize your financial strategy, avoid extravaganza, give importance to priorities in life and save for the future. Loved ones will give happiness. In politics you have to be informative. . If any court cases try to sort it out as early as possible. Incisive analytical thinking will enable you to come up with solutions for complicated problems. Prestigious atmosphere will be there in film and sports sector. If you have funds to invest this is the right time. Take care of health and choose your friends carefully in this week; you could go wrong here.

Virgo:- You will tend to give a lot of attention to the problems of comfort, not at the expense of other aspects of life, but enough to feel comfortable. You will be able to see new alternatives at work for a good professional growth regarding your personal life, do not try to hide any personal matter from your partner, share everything. Do the work with full dedication to improve your prospects. Opportunities to buy or sell real estate for financial gain may present themselves. Romance is in the air. Drought areas might see some rainfall in this weekend which will give comfort to their life.


Libra:- You might face some difficulties at the start of the week at work place as there will no co-operation from colleagues or associates. Try to give yourself some space to wind down. You want to get right down to the roots of things in political and social sector and will keep investigating until you find solutions which make you feel secure. Competition will be there at your work place and you have to show your particularity and ability to work hard otherwise someone else may take your position. Romantic relationship will be fine. Domestic work burden might increase at the weekend.

Scorpio:- People who were blaming or in the opposition might turn on your side in politics and social sector. You will make some accurate moves to impress your seniors at work place. Promotions new job opportunities transfers are likely for you. Start of the week will bring some problems in domestic sector and even there might be storm in a cup of tea with your life partner on Sunday. You need to increase your potential as from now onwards work load will keep on increasing but at the same times your income will also rise.

Sagittarius:- Family matters will take some time to get sorted out. Sportsperson has to look after their health small injuries may miss out some chances. Friendship or new contacts will be beneficial for progress of business. Good relations with seniors will pay you good dividends. You can make your score to success in some quick time; the unemployed will land good jobs. You might lose both financially and friendship if you remain arrogant at your work place. You may find difficulty while achieving your goals in time. Journalist might find some secret news especially if you are in criminal or political reporter.


Capricorn:- Your expectations are going to fulfil. You gain greatly in focus. Now, you can see that you have determination, a certain power. Older people who are mature help you, and also themselves, especially since you need to make realistic plans for accomplishment of goal and sharing. Keep away from romance at workplace. You will spend more on health Desires will be fulfilled. In marketing field you can impress your clients. Jobseekers can get good job. Confidence level will increase that will help in business. Profits can be made in industrial sector. Big deals or mergers can be possible.

Aquarius:- Don’t skip lunch as this may affect your health this week. New opportunities will come but you have to sacrifice some things to achieve it. In job don’t react on any situations otherwise it may create some misunderstandings with your seniors about you. You may get introduced by friends who will help you to get new job. Writers and artists will get new ideas and their image will rise. In this week home environment needs attention, the office is taken care of, and so a shift of focus is needed. Retailers traders will do well.

Pisces:- Start of the week might create some tense moments at home and minor disagreement with partner is likely. Sometimes you get too frank, blunt and outspoken and this will not help your cause one bit. Speculative activities may lead to disappointments. Don’t get too involved in conflicts among loved ones. An imperfect use of your energy will bring some health issues. Be ready for some oppositions and criticisms that might leave you uncomfortable. You have to sometime keep away your emotions while working in political sector. In job you will find solutions on projects which were stuck for a long time but don’t expect any appreciation from seniors in quick succession.

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Published on: Saturday, May 28, 2016, 06:09 PM IST