‘We don’t have forever’, says Sushant Singh Rajput

Sushant Singh Rajput lives only for excitement. Be it success or new project, what doesn’t excite him doesn’t exist for him, says Shubarna Mukherji Shu.

Yes, he’s basking in the glory of MS Dhoni biopic, but that doesn’t mean Sushant Singh Rajput has calmed down. No, he’s ready for something else, he’s never tired, he’s always ready for life. Sometimes he seems to be too good to be true, but his success story is not a fiction. Here the actor talks about his philosophy of life and how it excites him…

Have you had to acclimatise to the altitude you have reached? What all has gone into the acclimatisation…

There is a quote which I absolutely like since my school days. It’s from Richard Bach’s Jonathan Livingstone. It reads, ‘For most gulls, it was not flying that mattered but eating. For this gull, though, it was not eating that mattered but the flight. More than anything else, Jonathan Livingston Seagull loved to fly!’ Money, fame, success, failure used to be very important in my life but that was long back. With my experience, I learned the importance of ‘excitement’ and the ‘now’, the rest of the fizz have totally lost their essence in my life, no matter what they would never come to mean as much to me, in my life!

You have calmed down, relaxed and shrugged at everything that is thrown your way… 

Let me tell you a secret. The reality is not so much what is, than what you can convince yourself it is. Understanding this you realise that all these concepts of successes and failures are highly subjective and malleable. It comes down to from where you looking at, comes down to perspective. Every day with everything I do, if there is excitement in it then no one, not even I, can convince myself that there is anything better than what I am already doing. I guess, that’s the therapy for all successful people – find the thrill in what you doing.

You seem to be both calm and restless at the same time. How?

Trust me everyday even I feel the swinging of the pendulum from being in control to not wanting to be in control. I am generally and genuinely excited all the time. If I was not successful people might think that there is something wrong with me. But since the results are in my favour, it’s natural to think that I’m enjoying my success. Having said that, I’m nothing but this contradiction. A part of me sometimes gets seduced by everything that’s good happening to me and wants to hold on to it whereas the other part knows that the only way I can enjoy the success is by letting go everything I have to explore the unknowns in order to be excited.

So it all boils down to your confession about how you are someone who gets bored or dissatisfied easy?

I get bored when I know how exactly things will turn out and then I’ve to wait for it to happen which is what adds to the boredom. That’s why I consider the closest synonym of happiness and subsequently success is ‘excitement’ and it comes from constantly trying new things, asking better questions, being in the constant state of not-knowing and with complete disregard of the outcomes. Embrace unpredictability and become myopic for the sake of excitement and your passion is my motto.

 What happens next?

What happens next? It is unpredictable and that’s the beauty of the future. If I am absolutely certain already what and how I’m gonna do then what’s the point of doing it?

No camps, no celebrity friends… What gives you the sense of security here that leaves camps unimportant for you?

It’s a simple game all of us here. It’s not some arbitrary philosophy, it is the truth and we all know but somehow fool ourselves to not think about it. Everyone, you, I and the one reading this will have to let go of everything: Relationships, recognition, money and other belongings in the end of the game. And science and other disciplines can’t guarantee what’s going to happen post that. We must live immediately, we don’t have forever. Knowing how all is transient, takes away the need for security.

It’s often been said about you that you are too correct and proper. But then again, it’s not humanly possible to be correct and proper all the time. In moment of lapses, who witnesses the other side of yours?

I detest words like proper and perfection. What exactly are they I don’t know. People incessantly work in their self interest and then project otherwise to everyone and sometimes to themselves too! That’s the play. As I said that I have a better game that I’m playing which is far more interesting and hence I don’t care about this one.

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