Unique Learning! In this college, you have to DATE to get extra credit points

Students in Boston College have to date to get extra credit points. Around 12 years ago, Professor Kerry Cronin of Boston College added dating in their syllabus. Students have to ask someone out on a date. There’s a philosophy behind this unusual assignment.

As quoted by the NDTV Kerry said, “I realized at that point that the social script of dating was really long gone. Because hookup culture has become so dominant on college campuses going on a date has become a weirdly countercultural thing to do.”

Earlier, the assignment was mandatory but now it’s only for the extra credits. The professor who teaches philosophy has YouTube channel explaining her philosophy behind the assignment. She is also known as ‘dating professor’ on the campus of the college.

The professor says dating has become ‘countercultural’. Meeting for a cup of coffee and having a sober discussion can feel more intimate than getting naked with them.

She further explains that an average age in which a woman gets married in US is 27 and men 29. Besides, there are also student loans taken for studies in US. Since education is expensive, more students engage in clearing off the debts and taking jobs. Dating is not a priority for them.

“Even students’ parents are telling them: ‘Don’t get caught up in a relationship now; you need to get your career set and on track before you even really start thinking about that,’” Cronin says, as quoted by NDTV. She adds that our “hypersexualized” culture focuses more on having sex than on “the foibles and the hard work and the joys and the despair of just casual dating.”

As quoted by NDTV, she explains how it becomes difficult to date someone after a certain point, “if students don’t learn how to date while they’re in college, while surrounded by thousands of peers all in a similar stage in life it only gets harder to build those skills after graduation.”

She further says, “Not everybody is called to romantic relationship, not everyone is called to marriage. But everybody’s called to relationships – that what it means to be human.”

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