Ulta Pulta: What’s in a name? Everything!

With Rio Olympics throwing up new sporting Queens, many would stake claim on  names like Sindhu and Sakshi writes Sumeet Naik.

Just as I entered my colony way past midnight, I was taken aback by a scene I had never ever imagined in my life. Best of the best pals, who were often referred to as ‘twin sisters’ by most of the gossiping colony members were actually fighting cats and dogs, giving each other the choicest of abuses. What happened overnight that turned the equations?

On little probing, I discovered the reason behind their fight which left me speechless almost for the rest of the night. Mrs. Mehta had been blessed by a granddaughter a couple of weeks back and just as luck would have it, Mrs. Khanna too was a proud granny of cute little new born princess. They both had planned the naming ceremony with a one day gap by tossing the coin to decide who would have it first. Keeping the name a guarded secret, Mrs. Mehta was lucky to have the first go.

So there it was…Mrs. Mehta named her granddaughter Sindhu (after the Rio Olympics badminton Queen), the name Mrs. Khanna too had decided to keep. That was the friction point from where it all began. Mrs. Mehta tried reasoning by saying that since she was the clear winner after the toss, she had full freedom to decide upon the name of her choice.

On the other hand Mrs. Khanna felt that since her son plays professional badminton for the local club, she deserved to name her granddaughter Sindhu and she went on to add that the Mehtas lacked any sense of sports and discipline. Further to rub salt on the wounds, Mrs. Khanna suggested that the latter should have kept her granddaughter’s name Sakshi (after the Rohtak girl who won the bronze in wrestling at Rio).

First Mrs. Mehta took an offence stating that Mrs. Khanna was trying to call her family ‘the wrestlers’ indirectly taking pot-shots at her obese husband. Secondly, why the hell was she asking them to settle for bronze when they deserved rightfully to be the proud recipients of at least silver if not gold? It was a scene that was no less than a wrestling bout. As the yelling got louder and louder, so did the abuses.

By now there was enough spectators assembled at their respective windows and balconies taking sides, giving birth to the Mehta camp and Khanna camp. The ladies who would buy things from purses, shoes to sarees of the same brand and colour were not agreeing to share the name for their granddaughters.

Today, the metal (Gold, Silver and Bronze) was more pure than the purity of a decades- old relationship. Just as we were praying that the ongoing fight should not end into fists and blows, Mrs. Gulati stepped in and screamed aloud. And after what she had said, there was pin drop silence. So much so that Mrs. Khanna as well as Mrs. Mehta, keeping aside their fight, rushed towards Mrs. Gulati to console her. For Mrs. Gulati too had become a grandmother of a grandson and just last week they had named their prince charming Narsingh (do we really need to say why?).

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