Ujjain: People react sharply on pathetic condition of river Kshipra

Ujjain: People belonging to different walks of life have reacted sharply on the sorry state of affairs of the mythologically significant river Kshipra. A flood of such reactions have been uploaded on the social media.

After a special story was published by Free Press in its issue of May 8, environmentalists, college and university professors, school teachers, social workers, lawyers, political leaders, government servants and erudite persons have described the efforts of the government and agencies concerned to keep the river clean and flowing as a mere eye wash. They feel that the people would have to come forward to ensure purity of the river.

Taking a step forward, the All India Congress Committee member Noori Khan has declared to sit on indefinite strike from May 12 at Ram Ghat to compel the government to ensure that Kshipra’s pristine glory remains intact.

Public reactions

Saikat Chanda

The irony is that very few people speak practically. Some are even waiting for 2028 and getting geared up for the utilisation of funds that will come in the name of Kshipra. What about the green belt on the banks of Kshipra? Everyone must know that biodiversity of Narmada is totally different from that of Kshipra. Hence the water of Narmada will not support the organisms of Kshipra. Mindless and senseless decisions will no doubt lead to disastrous results. Many such results are on the cards.

Nitin David

Hope the authorities will become accountable.

Deepak Kanodiya

What I felt was that the higher authorities are hiding the actual reason by giving just an excuse of less oxygen. I feel ashamed on the irresponsible response of such responsible officers.

Jitendraa Upadhyay  

Water above Gaughat is cleaner than it is today. But why is not water released for Ramghat, it is beyond understanding.

Rakesh Gehlot

Officers give orders and instructions in meeting, but never check out ground reality. The peoples’ representatives also do not care.

Manish Ghadge

It will continue to happen till drain water mixes with the river. The agencies concerned know about this fact very well, but would not take care of it.

Brijesh Sharma

 This had to happen. All of us together will have to achieve this goal. One goal and one resolution: Next Simhastha, Kshipra Simhastha.

Gunjan Siddha

Well said. And this may have many dimensions to it. Short cuts won’t work.

Rajeev Pahwa

You have given such a big warning. Some things have really reached beyond tolerance. We pray that they wake up before nature teaches us a lesson.

Sohan Pandya

Highly polluted and toxic water of Kahn river is getting mixed openly with Kshipra water.

Narayan Singh Solanki

The people of Ujjain should not rely on those who make big claims and use to monitor the water quality of Kshipra. Instead something concrete needs to be done now.

Ravi Arora

How can we describe the system as dysfunctional? It is full of cheat. They first disturb the things then try to rectify them by spending huge sums. It looks as if the deteriorating condition of Kshipra is a boon for them.

Pradeep Saral

Farmers are responsible for horrible condition of Kshipra as organised pilferage of water is being done in a big way.

Kamlesh Shrivastava

All claims regarding purification have been proved futile.

Ravindra Bharadwaj

It is not possible to leave everything on government machinery. Public participation is must in such a big job.  If public does not help in keeping Kshipra clean, it would not be possible because 8 lakh residents of the city daily release garbage in the river.

Anil Vaishnav

We are playing with the nature. Every day, garbage in the city and agriculture waste is dumped into the river. The mixing of drain water in the river continues. Trees are being cut and officials are sleeping. Some cunning persons exploit the mythological and physical importance of the Kshipra thanklessly.

Ashok Mahawar

Kshipra water was pure in the 1960’s. The city dwellers used it directly for drinking water. The perennial character of Kshipra continued till 1980 after which Kshipra’s plight worsened. Today, the condition of Kshipra is not hidden from anyone as thousands of crores were spent in the name of Kshipra shudhikaran.

Purushottam Vashishtha

Human race should be ready to accept the results of the imbalance of the five elements.

GL Parmar   

In the name of Kshipra purification some people have filled their wallets, but nothing positive happened. Assurances remained on paper only.

Abhijeet Rathore

As people concerned have miserably failed to ensure sanctity of Kshipra, they should resign from their respective posts otherwise they would have to face peoples’ anger soon.

Noori Kha

I am committed to my resolve to purify the water of Kshipra and constantly protesting to save the river. But my movement has been crushed and sometimes by giving false assurance efforts were being made to divert my attention. This time I will sit on indefinite hunger strike from May and would not withdraw from my agitation till the authorities concerned come up with a solid plan.

Girish Phadnis

Kshipra is plundered by planning in the name of shuddhikaran and people are cheated by engaging them in voluntary services to cleanse the river.

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