Two more Green Corridors created in Indore

Indore: Indore becomes the only city in central India to make a record of creating ‘Green Corridors’ for the 13th time, third in eight days, for giving new lease of life to several patients.

Two more Green Corridors were prepared on Friday for speedy transportation of vital organs of the 42-year-old man. The first corridor was prepared at 5:55 am between CHL Hospital and Airport for transporting liver while another corridor was prepared at 6:15 am from CHL Hospital to Choithram Hospital for transporting kidney.

Moreover, it was the first inter-state transplant as the liver of the patient was transported to Bhopal. Liver of a 42-year-old man was sent to Airport for transporting it to Bhopal and one of his kidneys was transported to Choithram Hospital.

Grocery merchant Sunil Devkar, a resident of Burhanpur, was admitted to Maharaja Yashwantrao Hospital a couple of days ago due to brain haemorrhage. Devkar was declared brain dead at 3 am on Thursday and was shifted to CHL Hospital for organ retrieval.

“His liver was sent to Siddhant Super Specialty Centre, Bhopal for transplant while his one kidney was transplanted in Choithram Hospital and other in CHL Hospital,” Secretary of Indore Organ Donation Society Dr Sanjay Dixit said.

Dr Dixit said that they also tried to retrieve heart of the patient but they didn’t get recipient.

“We found a recipient in Chennai but it was taking more time in sending the heart than its life after retrieval,” Dr Dixit said.

Sunil was separated from his wife a long ago and the decision of donating his organs was taken by his family members.


First corridor, for transporting liver, was prepared at 5:55 am between CHL Hospital and Airport. The ambulance reached the airport in 16 minutes at 6:11 am.

Second corridor, for transporting kidney, was prepared at 6:15 am between CHL Hospital and Choithram Hospital. The ambulance reached the hospital in 12 minutes at 6:27 am

MYH not yet ready for organ retrieval

Recent cases of organ transplant exposed the lack of facilities in the biggest government-run medical facility Maharaja Yashwantrao Hospital which is not ready for organ retrieval even after being declared as the retrieval centre.

Sunil Devkar was declared brain dead at MY Hospital but he was shifted to CHL Hospital for organ retrieval.

According to sources, the officials of Indore Organ Donation Society were not satisfied with the facilities in the hospital and decided to shift the patient.

“Lack of advance OT, large Finochietto retractor, large self-retaining abdominal retractor, laparotomy set properly fumigated operation theater and quick reaction team were the major reasons due to which organ retrieval at MY Hospital was not done,” a senior professor of MGM Medical College said. He said that the hospital is organ retrieval centre but it still requires advance systems to get ready for infection free retrieval.

Meanwhile, Secretary of Indore Organ Donation Society Dr Sanjay Dixit said, “Yes, there is lack of few advance equipment in MYH and we will review the facilities by the next week.” He said that appropriate actions would be taken soon to make the hospital a good retrieval system.

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