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‘Twisted’ actress Isha Sharma: Don’t understand why the world is so stuck on sexual orientation




Currently, Indian entertainment industry is rapidly progressing. There was a time celebs used to be very cautious about their image in society as well as the films. However, now in times of web series’, the medium has become bolder and better with passing years.

In some bold Indian web series’, actresses have even stripped in front of the camera. But it is rare to see two girls kiss each other on camera in India. Yes, in the first part of Vikram Bhatt’s much-talked web series Twisted, Nia Sharma and Isha Sharma had locked lips with each other to demonstrate a lesbian relationship.

Well, that episode had garnered much attention. Sumit Rajguru from Free Press Journal recently had a candid chat with Twisted actress Isha Sharma, who broke the stereotype of actresses’ appearance in web series’. Excerpts


Q1. Which medium do you love to work in? TV shows or Web Series? Why?

I love both the mediums. TV will always hold a special place though because that’s where it all started for me. We today have become one of the most popular mediums and the kind of content being churned out is so good. I just finished watching Sacred Games and loved every bit of it.


Q2. What is your take on current ongoing biopic trends in cinema?

It’s honestly good and bad both. The idea of the biopic is to take the audience through the journey of an individual and showcase every aspect of their life that made them who they are. India is a country of extremely talented individuals and a lot of achievers stories go unheard. So if biopic becomes a medium of their story being told then what can be more wonderful than that.

Q3. As you have kissed Nia Sharma in Twisted, were you feeling uncomfortable to do it?


Yes, I was but as an actor, it’s a part of your job. If the scene involves any intimacy then we perform it like it’s needed to be done and do justice to the character. In fact, with Nia, it was a little easier because we are friends.

Q4. As right now everyone is keeping an eye on the Supreme Court’s decision on the plea of scrapping Section 377, what is your take on LGBTQ rights?

Live and let live. Each one to their own, I don’t understand why the world is so stuck on sexual orientation. We have got more important issues to deal with like Poverty, hunger, war, lack of education and so many other problems in this world.

Q5. As an actress whom do you admire the most? 

I have immense admiration for Priyanka Chopra.

Q6. Right now, TV actresses are working in web series and breaking the stereotype of Saaf suthari bahu. So, do you think an actress should do web series once in her career? 

Yes of course, as an actor you want to be versatile and not get typecast, so besides breaking an image it’s good for your own creativity to try different roles.

Q7. Does casting couch exist in the industry? Have you ever faced that situation?

It does exist to a certain level. It’s subtle, like dropping hints. I have never directly faced it but there was this one incident when someone told me “you date me and I will make your career”. More like pick-up lines than a real casting couch situation. But majorly people who really want to work with you and are busy with real work don’t have time for all this.

Q8. As you are very much adventurous in life, if given a choice to select only one adventure game, which will you choose?

The walking dead, The secret of Monkey Island is one of my all-time favourites.

Q9. In the TV industry, which actor do you find hot and handsome?

Well, I would rather pick my favourite actor here, I love Leonardo DiCaprio and the way he adds interesting nuances to his character. In India, I’m also a big fan of Ranbir Kapoor. I love the way he plays all his characters.

Q10. Lastly, tell us about your upcoming projects?

I have signed 2 films in Kannada. That’s all I can say for now. The producers are the makers of Singham in Kannada.

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