Tricks to take better wedding photographs

1. Be prepared to run and gun all day long, making pictures on the fly, but having them look as if you had all the time in the world to set-up, compose, orchestrate and direct the action. The day is non-stop action, with all manner of delays, unpredictable circumstances, and at no point in time (most likely) will you have enough time to truly work. It’s just a given.

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2. Speaking of shot lists, make sure you get one. Or, if you have an informal meeting with the bride and groom and they don’t have a formal listing of what they want, talk it out and take notes. Keep those notes handy. You will need a guide to the action and the needs and the faces, so that pre-wedding meeting can be very crucial.

3. Pursuant to the idea of group photography, be careful of your f/stop selection! F/2.8 will not cut it for a group. Everybody has to be (reasonably) sharp. Depending on how many people are in the group, and how many “layers” of people are assembled, with a wide-ish angle lens (24 to 35mm) you will want at least f/5.6, and safer with something around f/8. This is where ISO is your friend. The higher-end digital cameras (which is what you should be shooting if you are marketing yourself as a wedding shooter and accepting fees for your services) will give you lovely results nowadays at ISO 800, 1600 and even higher. Use a combination of your lighting, the available light, and the ISO and shutter speeds to give you a desirable f/stop that will result in sufficient Depth of Field for a group photo.

4. Immediately make arrangements for a workstation for yourself if you can. Some small table, out of the way of the action, and reasonably secure, that you can stash extra gear, and run a power strip so you can keep multiple camera batteries and flash batteries on charge. A computer should be set up here, too, linking to two hard drives.

5. Get there early. Negotiate an early arrival for the behind-the-scenes images of prep for the bride and groom. The more you are around and can demonstrate your fly-on-the-wall, charming personality, the more they will be used to you by the time the real action starts.

– Compiled by Ankita Das

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