Travel gizmos for women taking solo trip abroad

To make it a hustle-free and more organised, here is a list of travel gizmos for women who is on a solo trip to abroad. Driven by itchy feet and restless soul, packing light isn’t as important as packing smart. Since travel inconveniences amplify when you are on your own, you want to prepare for any scenario that will set you back on your journey.

Hygiene essentials

Micro-filter bottle set – It is a portable water purifier which is chemical free. Boasting of advanced hollow fibre membrane technology, the vapour micro-filter bottle gets rid of 99% of germs and water borne bacteria. It is also capable of purifying water from rivers, streams, waterfalls, stray taps and hence, making it a reliable travel partner.

The Diva cup – Dealing with your period is the worst on your vacation, but the diva cup is an absolute life saver. It keeps you free all day without having to worry about bleeding all over yourself. You can do anything from sitting, playing or standing in line at Wimbledon all day.

Female urination device – Gone are the days when finding a toilet was one of the major concerns for women while setting off for a long journey. Brands like Gogirl and Urinelle among others have sorted out toileting worries. This device allow women to urinate while standing up. The silicon made cupped device conforms to the body and can be reused by washing it with a soap, thus making it a safe and hygienic option for women. After all, why should boys have all the fun.

Scrubba wash bag – It is a portable and world’s smallest washing machine, which keeps that filthy stink off your clothes. Weighing less than 142g is a modern approach that helps you travel clean, hygienically and even lighter that saves money, time and water.

Portable bidet – The Hygienna Solo, a bidet can be discreetly in your pocket or bag. It is designed in such a way that it lets the tool reach the desired wash area and proves to be a reliable pick while traveling to unknown or deserted places. All you have to do is attach it to top of the bottle and use is as per your needs. You can squeeze the bottle to regulate the flow of the water.

Travel gizmos for women taking solo trip abroad

Utility essentials

Waterproof city map – It is a crucial tool for travellers across the globe. But a rugged travel accessory is always recommended while carrying out an off beaten path. 

Inflatable light – It a must-have for trips to secluded areas where you plan on camping. If it gets seven hours of direct sunlight, then it gives a backup of 16 hours of light. The LED light source is PVC free and is made out of some lightweight transparent material to diffuse the LED light and create a lantern effect.

Flight 001 5-in-1 Adapter – It enables travellers to plug it in 150 countries and the while detachable charger is powerful enough to charge all your essential travel devices – from tablet to DSLR. The colour coded adapters make it easy to find what adapter fits what country.

Travel steam iron – Being the world’s smallest steam iron, it is the answer to all the unwanted wrinkles. Its light weight and compact size make it handy. There are three setting and a super fast 15-seconds heat-up add up to the advantage of having it as an all time travel partner.

Compressed towels – These towels are perfect substitutes to the bulky ones that we use in our every day lives. They don’t only save up space, but can also be reused right after they take their shape once the towels are soaked in a bowl for a few minutes. They are available in the shape of coins and are feather-soft. They are tailor-made and an ideal choice for getaways.

4-in-1 lens for iPhone – Comprising of wide and micro lens, this iPhone accessory from Olloclip gives you a photography experience that matches the standard of DSLR. So, now you can turn your iPhone into DSLR. Just affix it at the top of your phone and you are all set to click amazing pictures.

Video recording sunglasses – Snapchat has introduced company’s newfangled video recording sunglasses called Spectacles. It not only protect your eyes from the sun, but also records your snaps of the day and sync them to your Snapchat memories. It comes in three colours and has a small camera built into the frame.

Safety essentials

Spy sunglasses – They look and work like regular sunglasses, but what makes it unique is the mirrored lenses that allows you to see behind you. Thus, it prevents you from pick-pocketers or from getting mugged or worse.

Waterproof case – It is proven to be extraordinarily useful if you find yourself caught in a monsoon or if you have to suddenly abandon the ship. It is also beneficial for situations like, when you have no one to guard your stuff while you go for a dip at a beach or poolside.

Rescue whistle – This can prove to be an invaluable tool to ward off all sorts of creepy creatures – stray dogs, monkeys, eight-legged pests or the pushy salesman who acts like them. This is the best tool to have in your pocket as you never know when you might find yourself in the scariest situation.

Backpack alarm – A cord can be attached to your belt buckle or wrist, so when someone tries to snatch your bag, the alarm triggers to alert you and anyone else within earshot. Keeping your worries at bay, now you can snooze on the train or stroll around, because it has got your back.

DailyShoes – These must be the coolest shoes ever. These shoes literally have a wallet inside of them. The secret lies in the zipper; when you pull it down, there is a hidden compartment inside. They look good, meanwhile, make you feel secure.

Portable door locks – These devices are small enough to fit in a pocket and now there’s no need to shove furnitures against the door. The portable door locks are strong enough to keep the bad guys out and keep you safe. They are very easy to set up and also a breeze in the time of removal.

– Compiled by Shikha Jain

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