Three Green Corridors created

Taekwondo champion gives life to three others , Heart sent to Mumbai, Liver to Gurgaon  ,  Kidney given to a patient admitted in Aurobindo.

Indore : Increasing awareness about organ donation bore fruit on Saturday when for the first time three 3 green corridors were created to transport organs— heart, liver and kidney— to needy patients. Two corridors were formed from Choitram Hospital to Airport to send for heart and liver to New Delhi and Mumbai. While the third green corridor created to send kidney to Aurbhindo Hospital n the city itself.

Bran dead taekwondo champion and karate black belt holder Durgesh son of Premlal Malviya gave life to 3 people. A resident of Khetia, Durgesh met with an accident on Wednesday when he was going to Dhamnod on his bike. His family brought him to Medanta Hospital. After 2 days treatment, he was declared brain dead on Friday night.

After that Jitu Bangani, associated with Muskan Group, met the family members of Durgesh and urged them to donate organs donation and his kin agreed to do so later.

On Friday night, Durgesh was declared brain dead. Though, in case of organ donation the brain dead person has to declare twice as brain dead, hence Durgesh was declared for the second time as brain dead at 1.30pm. Later his body was brought to Choitram Hospital for removal of organs. In the meantime, doctors of Choitram Hospital remained in contact with doctors of the Medanta Hospital, Gurgaon and Fortis Hospital, Mumbai.

The doctors of Choithram Hospital get confirmation of requirement of organs from both the hospitals. Medanta needed liver, while Fortis asked for heart. The demand for kidney came from Aurbindo Hospital. Subsequently, on Friday night the decision of formation of three green corridors were taken.

1st Green Corridor

The first Green Corridor was formed at 12.28 between Choithram Hospital to Airport to carry heart to Fortis Hospital Mumbai. In just 8 minutes, the heart of Durgesh was rushed to the city airport from Choithram Hospital. According to sources the heart was transplanted to a 28-year youth at Fortis Hosp.

2nd Green Corridor

The second green corridor was formed at 1.20pm. When the liver was delivered to the city airport from Choithram Hospital in just 9 minutes. From the city airport a chartered plane took the liver for New Delhi to deliver at Medanta, Gurgaon.

3rd Green Corridor

The third green corridor was formed between Choitram Hospital and Aurbindo Hospital to deliver kidney.  After the decision of family members of Durgesh, the entire team of Choitram Hospital, Traffic police, airport administration and CISP did a commendable job under the stewardship of Commissioner Sanjay Dubey.

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