Thought crisis biggest challenge before world: Swami Ramdev

FPJ Bureau | Updated on: Friday, May 31, 2019, 03:25 PM IST


Ujjain :  “Thought crisis is the biggest crisis and challenge before the world today…every sector including agriculture and industry has been worst hit due to ideological bankruptcy…misinformation campaign has been launched in the name of science, innovation and history…it is a high time that a new fashion to use handmade goods should be created, but with a balanced approach,” said Yog mentor Swami Ramdev while addressing the second day of the 3-day ‘Vichar Mahakumbh,’ which is in progress at village Ninora, here on Friday.

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh vice president Suresh Joshi alias Bhaiyyaji, noted social activist and environmentalist from Delhi Vandana Shiva, Samata Party leader Jaya Jaitley, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan, Rajya Sabha member Anil Madhav Dave and young activist from Bihar Manish Kumar were also present on the dais. The theme of the plenary session was ‘Agriculture and Cottage Industry’.


During his 40-minute thought provoking speech, Swami Ramdev said that all the genetic disorders in human beings have come from chemical farming. “I am not the marketing guru and even then I can bet that traditional farming along with modern techniques are far sustainable and viable,” he said. Ramdevji also made it clear that indigenous products are comparatively cheap and of god quality. “I am ready to become an unpaid ambassador of any company provided its product is world-class, its price should be cent-per-cent pure and profit is utilised for charity,” he quipped.

 Swami Ramdev further said that we should take a pledge to use only handmade goods, adding that only handmade goods should be in fashion. Lakhs of weavers will get employment if we buy clothes made by them. Even if you wear jeans, it should also be made in India. He said that he would develop a food park in Madhya Pradesh, besides setting-up 4 cow research centres in the entire country at a cost of Rs 500 crore. He called for adopting all-round development instead of destructive development.


Those who manufactured explosives during World Wars, are now producing chemicals for agriculture…Earlier, rivers would not go dry…chemical farming is a farming of violence…Agriculture, income and health should be seen as a single entity…Crop of pulses releases 140 kg nitrogen per hectare… About Rs 70, 000 crore are being spent every year on chemical farming whereas this cost can be reduced ten-fold through Vedic farming…Water can also be conserved through it. —Vandana Shiva, Environmentalist

Farmers are emigrating from villages to cities daily…If given a chance, 60 per cent farmers will relinquish agriculture…all this is happening since they are not getting due respect… If youths do need-based works they would surely achieve success…Farmers should be taught right from the childhood…a revolution can be generated by involving able youths in social sector…The spirit that one can lead a decent life even through agriculture should be promoted. —Manish Kumar, Co-founder of institution ‘Back to Village’


Misbalance has been caused due to greed of over-exploiting the nature…We should return to our basics…We should be friendly with the nature…Food grains giver Mata Vashundhara should be respected and Green Revolution should be critically reviewed…We don’t support engineering in the farming as it forces dependence on others…A balance should be maintained between ancient past and the present…Its beginning is being made through Vichar Kumbh. — Bhaiyaji Joshi, RSS Sarkaryawah

Agriculture and cottage industry have inseparable relationship…Artisans’ utility in agriculture production is not a secret…Comprehensive discussions should be held on agriculture cost, possibilities and farmers’ expectations…We must maintain self-discipline so that dignity of production and labour can be maintained…Everything is achievable provided we adopt positive and possible way. —Jaya Jaitley, Leader, Samata Party

Madhya Pradesh will be developed as number one in Rishi cultivation and organic farming… Provision of subsidy should also be made for organic farming…A plan of mixed farming has been chalked out in the state…Information about it is being given to farmers in every village…An advisory committee has been constituted to suggest measures to make agriculture profitable… Experiments would be undertaken by establishing model agriculture farms…Successful experiments will be shared with farmers. —Shivraj Singh Chauhan, CM

Policy of zero budget farming should be adopted to set right the economy…Re-emergence of indigenous cows is must…Through cow dung and cow urine, agriculture production can be increased along with preventing soil erosion…It is an irony that consumers set the price of farmers’ products whereas other goods prices are set by the producers…Pricing should be linked to scientific method…All living beings and vegetations on the earth have self-reliance in food. —Anil Madhav Dave, Rajya Sabha member

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