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The intellect divides and synthesizes. Some creatures in the world synthesize and some divide. Ants only synthesize; they bring things together and build anthills. Monkeys cannot synthesize; they divide everything. You give them a garland and they tear it to pieces and throw it all over the place. A monkey can only divide or analyse. A beaver synthesizes, it brings wood together and builds a dam. Birds, such as weaver birds, also synthesize.

But human beings have both abilities – they analyse and synthesize. The intellect analyses to find the Truth. And Truth once found synthesizes everything into One.

When the intellect becomes quiet, it brings out intelligence. Often people think that gathering information makes them intelligent. This is not so. It is samadhithat brings intelligence. An unintelligent person, though he may have all information, cannot be creative. An intelligent person, even without much information, can be creative.


A sign of intelligence is to see the One in many and find the many in One.
European Ashram, Bad Antogast, Germany
August 27, 1997

If you cannot see the Divine in me, then open your eyes. If you see the Divine in me, then you are a part of me and you cannot be away from me. If you feel a part of me, you can only see the Divine in yourself. And when you see the Divine in yourself, you will see the Divine in everyone.
Kyoto, Japan
November 6, 1996

Meditation is seeing God in yourself.
Love is seeing God in the person next to you.
Knowledge is seeing God everywhere.
Expression of love is service.
Expression of joy is a smile.
Expression of peace is meditation.
Expressing God is conscious action.
Swargashram (Heavenly Abode), Rishikesh, India
March 13, 1996


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