Supplements: The truths and myths

‘Supplements’ the term in itself opens different pages of the same book. Herbal supplements or health supplements both are trying their level best to help give you a better lifestyle. Disha Prashant takes you into the truths and myths about supplements

Decrypting health supplements

Whether that be reaching out for a bottle of vitamin deficiency supplement or whether that be energy boosting pills, your mind walks two paths in one go. One asserts that after this your health ratio will be in an aptly balanced form and what if this turns out to be harmful for the body in the longer run. Amidst all the chaos and confusion, it is obligatory to ask yourself a pivotal question as to whether there is a need to consume these supplements and pills.

The onset of a new year brings with it a bunch of newfound ways and means to help give you a better perspective on building a healthy lifestyle. The rising cases of chronic diseases have paved way for wellness and health supplements which help in developing your overall health. A statistical research dated back to the year 2015-17 showcases that on a global scale the health supplement market has crossed over 26.22 billion US dollars. This in itself is an evidence of the whopping rise in consumption of supplements today.

Supplements are either made up of single ingredients or multiple ingredients depending upon the nutritional value and demand of the consumers. However, it is important to understand how exactly these supplements work and their necessity in near future.

Get it right

Every second individual today is consuming one or the other form of health or dietary supplements to help keep them healthy. However, people need to scientifically understand the difference between wellness and fitness supplements feels Sunny Arora, Founder, Fitzup.

Supplements: The truths and myths

Sharing snippets of his journey in this field he says, “Wellness supplements work like multivitamins for people facing deficiency of vital vitamins namely Vitamin E or Vitamin D. While fitness supplements are performance enhancing medicines specifically consumed by athletes to help maintain their stamina while playing. People tend to take these two for one and that is how there have been numerous myths surrounding these supplements.”

“These supplements are categorized into different sections namely sports nutrition, health essentials and so on. The nutritional value of natural products is depleting and hence the body fails to get all the required vitamins, which is where health supplements play their part. These supplements act as an addition to the natural diet,” says he.

Walk the herbal path

Thanks to the herbal wave flashing through the nation, people are now making it a point to include at least one herb or a supplement containing herbal elements in their daily diet. We are talking about the accelerated rise of herbal supplements thanks to some companies who ensure to explain the importance of herbs. India is rich in herbs and they are widely used in different forms.

Highlighting the importance of herbs Abhinandan Dhoke, CEO, Organic India says, “Our herbs are potent and full of lives that are served in a form that is just as intended by Mother Nature. Herbs are a complex mixture of many hundreds of compounds, which offer intricate information and buffer against harmful effects. The sums of the actions of the whole plant are more balanced than any one main constituent. In fact, modern science confirms what Vedic scriptures have long known-that isolations of compounds alter the essence, or life force, of the whole plant. Every part of an herb is a valuable energetic gift that is magnified when taken as a whole.”

Supplements: The truths and myths

The apt nutritional value of a body is maintained when we manage to follow the five fruits and five vegetables ratio. Lack of this ratio is the reason why there is a considerable decline in good health. Herbal supplements help fill this space explains Abhinandan Dhoke.

He says, “Due to our daily lifestyle and stress levels, our body produces free radicals, they are damaging cells that take energy from other electrons of the body. Free radicals impact vital organs like liver, lungs etc and cause inflammation. This leads to lifestyle diseases like diabetes, arthritis, liver cirrhosis etc. Herbal supplements contain antioxidants that neutralise these free radicals thereby preventing inflammation. Herbal supplements can be used for curative, preventive and maintenance functions for the body.”

Ask the expert

The base of a healthy body and mind is regular supply of balanced nutrition which is further divided into macronutrients and micronutrients. Any products other than conventional food that we eat falls under the general category of supplements which come in the form of pills, powders, drinks or energy bars. Self medication can have serious adverse effects on the body and hence it is important to speak to a clinical nutritionist before consuming any form of supplements.

Elaborating the role of a clinical nutritionist Kamaldeep Duseja who is pursuing clinical nutrition and dietics says, “A nutrition expert aptly guides about the requisite amount of nutrients required at different phases, for example, during healing lactation and pregnancy the body undergoes numerous transformations and a nutritionist can communicate with ease about these changing demands of the body to help seek a balanced state of health.”

Different bodies react differently to supplements, which is why understanding the categories is important. Research has proved that some supplements do tend to make a difference in the health quotient of the body. Sharing her take on the story she says, “It all depends upon a person’s body type. It is important to understand in detail the deficiency faced by the person and accordingly recommend the supplement. Reactions caused due to supplements, differ from person to person.”

Technology: Wisdom tool

Thanks to expeditious technological advancements information now is just a few clicks away. This wave has brought with it both boon and curse. Excess of anything is bad which is why it is not advisable to be completely addicted to the information posted on the internet. It is important to think, evaluate, take apt advises and speak to experts before consuming any form of supplement.

Sharing an important advice Kamaldeep Duseja says, “People tend to gather basic education about a certain product and try to co-relate their symptoms with their current state and instantly jump into self medication. A holistic approach is required for any field related to health and nutrition.”


Health and wellness supplements are the future of nutrition and are making their presence feel in our day today life. Research has proved that some supplements like multivitamins do have positive effect on the body. However, it is thoroughly and repeatedly recommended by experts to understand, question, evaluate and then consume supplements under proper nutritional guidance. Numerous studies are still in progress in this field and scientists are discovering new natural elements to help build a healthy lifestyle.

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