Suicide at Bandra-Worli Sea Link: Tragic case of heartbreak, depression that shocked Mumbai

The rate of suicides are increasing among teenagers by the day. The means of suicide may be different, but the cause remains the same, ‘depression’. A suicide case shocked Mumbai this week as 24-year-old Pawanjeet Singh Kohli, who went missing from Khar on Sunday night, was found washed ashore near Bandra Fort.

Pawanjeet Singh Kohli, it is being said, was a victim to depression and broken heart. According to his friends and family, Pawanjeet was happy person, and none of them had clue that he is going through a heartbreak and depression. When the police told his parents about Pawanjeet’s death, they were in a state of shock.

Pawanjeet Singh Kohli was the son of a top businessmen in Mumbai. On Sunday night, he jumped off the Bandra-Worli Sea Link. At around 3 am, he asked the taxi driver to stop as he was wanted to puke, but instead he climbed the railing and jumped off. Later, next day, Bandra police discovered a body at Bandra Fort and recovered it with the help of the fire brigade. While scanning missing complaints registered recently, the cops came across Pawanjeet’s case and called his parents, who identified him.

What we know so far about the suicide:

24-year-old Pawanjeet Singh Kohli, was a student of MMK College. Pawanjeet was son of well-to-do businessman and resided in the posh area of Pali Hill, Bandra. Recently, on his birthday, his father had gifted him an Audi. But the mystery began to unfold when police started putting all pieces of puzzle together, after 36 hours of the suicide.

It all started on June 21, when Pawanjeet came to know about his girlfriend’s impending engagement which was scheduled for June 25. After he came to know about the engagement, Pawanjeet called her parents for a meeting at Taj Lands End (Bandra).

During the meeting, Pawanjeet showed her parents pictures, messages, and gifts exchanged between him and the woman to prove that they were in a relationship.

But the woman’s parents weren’t ready to call off the engagement. While leaving the hotel, Pawanjeet threatened to disrupt the engagement ceremony. After this, the woman’s parents contacted Pawanjeets parents, and both the families tried to reason with him. At the end of the meeting, both families came to conclusion to bury the past and move on.

Few days later, the woman called Pawanjeet’s friend and bad-mouthed him for trying to call off her engagement. Pawanjeet’s friend recorded the conversation, and later shared the recording with Pawanjeet.

But despite best intentions of Pawanjeet’s friend, Pawanjeet slipped into depression after hearing the conversation. After which, Pawanjeet kept everything to himself.

On Saturday, July 1, Pawanjeet had taken his family for dinner in restaurant on Linking Road, and later on the same day Pawanjeet and one of his friend left from his home for party at Worli Sky Lounge.

That day Pawanjeet didn’t take his car nor his phone and told his family that he will be home soon. After which he and his friend hired a taxi and left his friend near City Bakery, Worli, and told him to join other friends at Sky Lounge.

After leaving his friend, he took some liquor and went to Marine Drive, from where he made a phone call to his friends and told them that he had gotten over the broken affair.

But after telling his parents that he will return and he didn’t, then they lodged a missing person report with Khar Police.

According to a report in Mid-Day, a police official has said that, on Sunday night, he caught a cab when he left his house and when the cab reached near-Worli Sea Link and at around 3 am, Pawanjeet asked the driver to stop in midway, claiming that he needed to puke, but instead he climbed the railing and jumped into to sea.

The Bandra Police found a body at Bandra Fort, and after going through their missing person record’s they came across Pawanjeet’s case and called his parents and they identified Pawanjeet.

The last rites of Pawanjeet was conducted on Tuesday.

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