Slice of life: A classroom without walls or breaks

Life is our classroom where every subject matters

Not all classrooms have four walls I happen to read this on one of the inspirational account on Instagram. That very moment so many thoughts came to my mind at one go. Few stayed a little longer than the rest. But one thoughtstuck permanently in my mind, which I plan to share today with my readers.

Life is the biggest ever classroom which we all are part of. Experience is the teacher that never stops guiding us. And all this process of learning and unlearning happens the minute we are born. Where are the walls? They simply don’t exist. So much our life teaches us without confining us to one single classroom. It allows us to explore and experience and grow with every single second. Even the air we breathe in and breathe out is never the same.  So hold on to your thoughts for a moment and sit down to simply observe. Let me tell you, there is no better blackboard like inner conscience, keep your focus on it and you can only do it by observation.

Think about the year that’s on threshold of becoming a passé. Think of all those instances where you felt like giving up upon something but you just didn’t. Think of all those new people you met, interacted and spent your moments with. And most importantly, think about you as a person at the start of the year and now in the very last month of it. Once you do this, you shall realise things have undergone constant change. Your thoughts have changed, list of known people have increased, as an individual you are not the same anymore. That’s learning without been confined to four walls of a classroom.

Life has its own ways of putting across things to us. Often we keep thinking about particular thing that we want. More we think about it, more distant it seems to get. The same thing, when we least expect, we tend to get it easily. Even through our sickness life teaches us of an inbuilt mechanism to recoup and get going again at it.

It is one big classroom where your admission is done right at your birth and you are part of it, till you die. Age no bar, sex no bar, religion, caste or creed does not matter at all. What matters is ‘you’ and only ‘you’. And while we are into this learning process, there is a two way flow of knowledge. What we receive we tend to pass on to the others. What we experience, we tend to hold it true in case of those who haven’t experienced it as yet. Day in and day out the subject matter changes, the area of study changes, so also the medium of instruction. No wonder they say that life is a constant change.

So, as this year comes to an end, lets us think of all that we have learnt and also of those moments which contributed into being what we are today. For this classroom has neither walls nor breaks.

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