Shocking! Ram Rahim’s henchwomen lured girls, got godman’s sexual needs satisfied

Rape, murder, castration, extortion, Qurbani Dal (the sacrifice group), illegal arms, parallel economy and what not. The conviction of Dera Chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim seems of having opened a can of worms for the self-styled Godman, who garrulously called himself Insan and new revelations are coming to fore every day as sanitation exercise at Dera headquarters in Sirsa nears completion.

Ram Rahim employed a group of henchwomen who lured and coerced innocent girls into satisfying his sexual needs. And interestingly, yet no action has been taken against them. Forgetting the trauma they faced, these henchwomen started acting like bots and blindly followed the instructions given to them to bring in new women to fulfil the godman’s physical needs. Not only did Ram Rahim abuse girls, he also enjoyed consensual sex with some of his senior female followers, who were close to him, sources told India Today. It is being alleged that some politicians and big shots also shared a hand in this game and were often pleased with wine, women and money.

While these henchwomen continued the bidding process, the screams of innocent girls being raped by him fell on deaf ears. This continued until the law took its course. Many women who refused to disclose their identities have spoken post-conviction about how the Sadhvis at Dera were sexually exploited by Ram Rahim. Meanwhile, during the search operation in Dera, pregnancy termination kits have also been recovered.

Former Dera followers, including women, recount the horrific accounts of the rape victims. One of them, who was raped twice, had told the CBI that she used to guard Ram Rahim’s cave and had seen many girls leave the Gufa with tears in their eyes. She had named eight girls in her statement. They had warned her not to go inside the cave, but did not tell what actually happened to them, said the India Today report.

Henchwomen identified beautiful female followers and put them in a hall which was linked to Gurmeet Ram Rahim’s den. They were pampered, praised and were told that the Baba had only chosen them as his favourite disciples and would ‘purify’ them with his ‘blessings’ and would call them one by one. Apart from this, they also cooked food for him and washed his dirty clothes..

While Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh has been put behind bars for raping his female disciples, the women who connived with him and played an active role in the physical exploitation of the female followers are roaming free.

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