Shivangi Sharma: Singing in English is very difficult compared to regional languages

A singer and a performer, Shivangi Sharma, started her career in Pop, Indi-pop and Rock, in 2012 in Mumbai. She has credited with performing 500 plus shows in India and as well as abroad. In an Interview with Mamta Sonar, Shivangi shares her experience, dreams, future plan and many more.

1. How was your experience while recording a track in English language?
Singing in English is very difficult as compared to the regional languages. This is because you need to do justice with the accent every time you sing. While recording “Again n Again”, I recorded it for a good 5 to 6 times so that I could attain perfection in the final version. Every time post recording the song, I use to go home and my recordist use to send me the final version of the song. After listening to it for 2-3 times, I could only end up deciding that it needs to be re-recorded. After recording for almost 6 times was when I was satisfied with the soundtrack.

Honestly speaking, I believe that music doesn’t have any language barriers. And that is why I love every kind and form of music ranging from the ones in Hindi, English, and Spanish to the various genres like Pop, Jazz, Romantic, Bhajan and also Sufi. These various kinds don’t just attract me but also makes me want to create and sing the same across varied genres.

2. How has been your journey in Bollywood/Music industry?
Overall it has been a pleasurable experience. Though it was really hard to reach till here and become a part of the industry because I am not a trained classical singer so the industry did not entertain me easily. But I guess it is my persistence and consistency that took me where I am now. There have been many times when things have tottered away and there have been times when everything just fell in place and turned out to be even better than I thought. So yeah, so far so good.

Shivangi Sharma: Singing in English is very difficult compared to regional languages

3. Share some memorable moments with us
This was during a shoot for a music video in Dubai. It was fiercely hot while we were shooting outdoor. We needed all the day lights for outdoor and it resulted in burning my skin. Some of the shots were taken on rocks and at times I was also bare feet. This led to the burning of my feet as well. After all this rigorous and hard work that went into shooting, we received many compliments for the video and the location used. That is when the burnt skin and feet does not really matter, the pain is forgotten. At the end of the day, it is all worth it.

4. What is your true dream?
I never really had any dreams because as a kid I was never allowed to have any dreams of my own. My childhood was very monotonous. There weren’t any sports activities in our school. It was all about studies. I have been raised in a lower middle class family where my father was an employee in some company and my mother used to be a Hindi teacher in the same school I studied in. Back then, my mother was really strict and never allowed me to sing at all. She was very clear about my career choices. After the completion of my 12th standard, she wanted me to teach in the same school and get married to a random man at the age of 18.

I have started dreaming now and those are not the ones you see with closed eyes. I am the one who has got miles to achieve before I sleep. If I attain a certain level in life, I make sure to set the benchmark of achievement even higher than the previous one. This makes me work even harder so that I can execute my goals. I have realised that there can be no gain if you go through no pain, so I have conditioned myself in such way now.

5. What do you want to be in the next five year? Future plans.
I don’t want to turn out to be a typical playback singer. I know I’m multitalented and multi-task so I want to make the best use of myself. International stages have attracted me always. That is why I want to represent India on an international level and I’m working really hard to do the same. But these are just the professional targets. When it comes to achieving certain goals as a human being, I would like to achieve some bigger things. I want to help each and every girl/woman out there who’s suffering from lack of confidence or being harassed somewhere in her personal or professional life for some reasons. These days everyone is trying to let each other down in some way or the other. We have very few people who push others to grow and advance in life. To make it a better place, we need more positive people around. I think we all should just empower each other in life.

6. How was your experience while performing with the stars like Daler Mehandi, Rahul Vaidya, Kailash Kher, and Arijit Singh and others?
I learnt a lot from all of them. They are really good in their own space. Arijit is very down to earth and humble. I have worked with Rahul Vaidya the most, so honestly I learnt even more from Rahul which is professionalism and team management. Everyone knows their job really well. His team and management are never in a wreckage no matter how big the gig is.

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