Reality check on new Rs 100 note: Here’s how you can check whether the note is Real or Fake

Since demonetisation, various new notes has been introduced in the country, it all started with the note of Rs 2,000. And after that, almost every single note has got changed — from Rs 500, Rs 200, Rs 50, to Rs 10. Recently, on July 19, new Rs 100 notes were introduced in the country.  The RBI recently made an announcement informing people that Rs 100 currency note would soon be made available with banks. The Rs 100 currency is of lavender colour and consists ‘Rani-Ki-Vav’ (The Queen’s Stepwell), a UNESCO World Heritage site in Gujarat.

Now that the new notes are out, here are some features of the new Rs 100 note that will help you identify if it is original or not


One of the zeroes of the new note is Red

‘एक सौ रुपए’ written in the top of the note is also in Red

The numeral १०० is written in Devanagari script

You can see the picture of Mahatma Gandhi in the centre.

The colour of the thread in the note changes from green to blue if the note is tilted.

Governor’s signature, RBI emblem and other Clauses are right next to the Mahatma Gandhi portrait.

The emblem of Ashoka Pillar is on the right side of the note

The portrait of Mahatma Gandhi is visible if tilted, just like any other note.


Year of printing of the note on the left side

The logo of Swachh Bharat can be seen with the slogan

You can see the language panel right next to the motif of ‘Rani ki Vav,’ (The Queen’s Stepwell), a UNESCO World Heritage site in Gujarat.

The numeral १०० is written in Devanagari script

Here are the steps to follow if you have a fake note

Firstly, you should know that, if you have a fake note, it is punishable by law under Section 489 of the Indian Penal Code. If you by mistake got a fake note, you have to file an FIR in the nearest police station. It is then the job of the police to investigate the situation.

If the fake note was dispensed to you via an ATM, it is treated as an attempt by banks to circulate the notes. Hence, the Reserve Bank of India will penalise a bank if it is found guilty.

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