Rat poison mixed in water cooler at madrassa run by Hamid Ansari’s wife Salma Ansari

New Delhi: Former vice president Hamid Ansari’s wife Salma Ansari has alleged that two unknown people tried to mix rat poison in the drinking water cooler of the madrassa run by her.

While speaking to ANI, Salma Ansari said that it’s with God grace that the whole incident was averted.

“We teach about 4,000 students and what would have happened goes beyond one’s comprehension. When people target such innocent children then it’s proved that humanity has stooped down,” Salma Ansari said.

She said that the children want to only study and make something out of their lives.

“We give free education to students, and I don’t understand what kind of enmity these people have with them,” Salma Ansari said.

Salma Ansari stated that this has never happened before and the reason it is happening all of a sudden is beyond her understanding.

“I went for a check to the school on Friday and while I was coming back on Saturday, I started feeling uncomfortable,” she added.

Salma Ansari said that she called a few people in school to check on the students.

“That is when the incident happened. It so happened that as the classes were going on, a boy went downwards to fill water bottle from the cooler and saw that two boys were doing something with that,” she further said.

She said that the boy screamed and the two boys pushed him, threatening him to not talk about it to anyone.

“They threatened to kill him, but the boy got up and ran away screaming. The warden heard the scream, came to the site and the two unknown boys ran away,” she said.

Salma Ansari said that the wrapper of rat poison was left there, and the police was immediately informed.

“The police came immediately and cooperated with us. When we opened the water cooler, we saw that many pills of rat poison were already inside the water cooler,” Salma said.

Salma Ansari further called it a massacre that was saved, adding, “The police has promised us a thorough investigation, which is when the whole truth will come out.”

On asking what could be the reason, Salma said, “Our full name is Madarassa chacha Nehru; we are an English medium school and give a secular mode of education, which a lot of people have a problem with.” She said that they teach their students about all religion which might have made a few people “jealous” and added that this is not going to end here.

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