(PTI Photo/Arun Sharma)  (PTI5_7_2019_000251B)
(PTI Photo/Arun Sharma) (PTI5_7_2019_000251B)

Ramadan is a time of spiritual reflection, improvement and increased devotion and worship. The entire month is dedicated to fasting which is observed from sunrise to sunset. The time when fast is broken is called Iftar and, during this, all the family members come together to break the fast.  However, there are times when people are travelling or are in office and don’t get a chance to reach home. So if you are in Mumbai and don’t know what to do, then you can visit these places where people arrange free Iftar for travellers, office goers and for everyone who wants to eat. So when you are stuck and don’t know where to break your Iftar, then just visit these places in Mumbai.

Every mosque in the world arranges free Iftar for people, and anyone can go in and break their fast. So next time when you are far from home, you can visit a nearby mosque, to break your fast.

Ramadan 2019: Unusual places in Mumbai for free Iftar food

Rickshaw and taxi stands! Yes, the drivers arrange Iftar on the stand daily. So people who are travelling can eat something and break their fast. Almost every stand in Mumbai does this.

There are several restaurants in Mumbai where free Iftar is offered to people. Noor Mohammadi, Shalimar Restaurant, Janta Restaurant are some of the places where you go and have Iftar.

Ramadan 2019: Unusual places in Mumbai for free Iftar food

Even in local markets, shopkeepers arrange Iftar. So if you are out and don’t know where to go to break the fast, look around in the market and you will definitely find someone who is offering Iftar.

What is significant to note here is that the Iftars are all sponsored by those people who are arranging it. They don’t get help from any organisation.

Ramadan 2019: Unusual places in Mumbai for free Iftar food

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