Mumbai : Following reports about members of the public facing harassment at the Borivali Post Mortem Centre, the administration has decided to take strong steps and ensure that relatives who go to collect the body of their family member are not victimized.

The FPJ had reported in its March 20 issue that the ambulance drivers who transported the bodies from the hospital for the post mortem centre and then to the homes, were extracting exorbitant amounts from the relatives.

Since the relatives are in a state of shock they have no option but to give in to their demands and pay off the ambulance drivers.

Surprisingly, even some of the staff was reported to be involved in this harassment and the matter was reported to the police surgeon of Mumbai, who is responsible for all the post mortem centres in the city.

Sources at the Borivali PM Centre said that they have decided to put up boards at several prominent locations at their unit.”

We want to tell the relatives clearly that there is no charge for carrying out the post mortem examination and they should not fall prey to such demands from anyone,” the doctor said.

If at all they are approached by anyone with a demand for money, they should bring this to the attention of the doctor on duty, he added.

Another important point that will be mentioned in these boards will be that the private ambulance drivers are in no way connected with the post mortem centres.”

We want to make it clear that these drivers have no right to act on behalf of the doctors at the centre and people should not fall in their trap,” he explained.

In fact, the doctors will even put up their contact number on these boards which can be used by people to contact them if there is any problem.

When asked about this issue, Dr SM Patil, the police surgeon, said that they have also decided to set up CCTVs at all the post mortem centres in the city, namely Borivali, Rajawadi, Cooper, Siddharth and JJ hospitals.”

This will help us to monitor any such illegal activity that is going on at these centres,” he said.

The official said that the CCTV units will also act as a deterrent to such elements who will desist from any kind of harassment of the relatives.

Every effort should be made to make the entire process comfortable to the relatives so they do not leave the place with any kind of bad experience, he added.

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