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Pleasure in installments


If you come to think of it, age is just a number. Take a mother of two, a twenty-something entrepreneur and a proud grandparent. They all share one thing notably in common – essentially, at heart, each of them is innocently infantile, waiting on little instances to effortlessly bring about a childlike glee onto their face.

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Founders of subscription boxes are focused on doing just that – to make others beam. In recent years, subscription boxes have swooped right in the e-commerce market, delighting patrons with a box of goodies right at their doorstep; every single month, customized to their client’s desires. On that token, so as to share, we’ve handpicked a few, just for you!



Are you a makeup and beauty aficionado that finds passion in exploring the world of aesthetics? Well, with just a simple online questionnaire of preferences to fill out, FAB BAG, an E-commerce company, caters to all your makeup related whims and fancies and in return contrives a beautifully put together bag, each month, just for you.

Vouching from personal experience, FAB BAG is undoubtedly a value for money subscription service, delivering, happiness in might I say, very eye-catching bags.  From samples of fragrances, essential oils, skin care products, lipsticks and more – FAB BAG’s quintessential cosmetics from the market, tick all the right ‘boxes’.


Vineeta Singh and Kaushik Mukherjee, Co-Founders of FAB BAG explain, “FAB BAG is an unparalleled platform for discovering premium new beauty products and over the last 4 years, we’ve been able to attract a diverse set of members from first-time ‘beauty explorers’ to ‘advanced experts’. Our data-driven curation algorithm factors in member-specific beauty needs while picking the products for every bag – that’s how we guarantee new products to every member every month which is bound to delight any beauty enthusiast!”

The Gourmet Box:


For every foodie can relate, nothing brings about more gratification, than a content belly. So after sticking out a labyrinthine week of work and the tugs wherein, without complain, how about working around the idea of a subscribing to The Gourmet Box, an online store and service that delivers a panoply of food for the soul; right at your doorstep!

Janice Shah – Co-Founder of expresses, “The Gourmet Subscription Box is perfect for anyone that loves experimenting with food, discovering new products and appreciates great quality. We curate the subscription boxes using the finest quality products both local/artisan and international world foods.”

The Gourmet Box caters to all kinds of hampers under the sun – Snack hampers or date night hampers to bid adieu to those late night hunger pangs, the healthy gourmet box or gluten free box for the diet conscious individuals, confectionary hampers for every persuasive and passionate baker, breakfast hampers for those that much rather eat their first meal of the day like a king, coffee hampers, because, really, who doesn’t appreciate a rich cuppa coffee, or as a matter of fact – All things caffeine.

So as the list of themed boxes goes on – With just a click of a button, you can now choose your desired hamper, so as to, treat yourself, or a loved one to these gastronomical delights!

Heads Up For Tails:

They are babies that never grow up – showering us with unconditional love, paw hugs and doggy licks for kisses. Dogs undoubtedly are the bundle of joy to every pet owner’s life.

Heads Up For Tails, a heartwarming venture provides every pet parent with comfortable yet fashionable merchandises, doggie treats and the subject of interest – a Wag Box, for their beloved and precious pooch.

To elaborate on the same, CEO of Heads Up For Tails, Rashi Sanon Narang states, “Wag Box is a great way for people with pets to discover new products in the market, to indulge with their pets and to look forward to something special coming their way as pet parents!”

Narang continues, “Each box is custom packed based on what you tell us about your pet and we have heaps of fun packing it. We’d love for you to try it today!”

Not only does the pampering and grooming guarantee some poochie sniffing, tail wagging and woofing, but simultaneously, it brings about profuse contentment and equanimity in a pet owner’s heart.

The Violet:

Oftentimes PMS, a woman’s monthly cycle and the pain equaled with it, isn’t taken seriously. Yet, ladies, you know the struggle is real! It’s that time of the month where hormones don’t compromise; food cravings are common, while concurrently, contractions, cramps and mood swings are all too strong.

However, as women, we put on our best smile and grab the day by its neck and kiss it, regardless of how we feel. The Violet, a thoughtful panacea strives at aiding to the needs and comforts of every female during their menstrual cycle – where women can find solace in a box of chocolates, tea and coffee, beauty products, period essentials and more!

Founders of The Violet, Yogita Muttha and Laukik Bothara evocate and opine, “It’s about time we pamper women and make them feel special. The Violet does this with a beautifully designed box with minute attention to detail.”

Adding, “Men have been gifting The Violet box to their wives, girl friends and fiancés! If people today subscribe to companies like The Violet, we could bring a much needed social change.”

The Biblio Box:

Some people know no difference between fantasy and reality while holding a book in hand. Those individuals who believe the pages turn by themselves while silently soaking in each cliff-hanger yet yearning to reach the culmination of a story.  More importantly – they are those individuals who believe that words are magic. The Biblio Box is every avid reader’s new best friend!

“It was a spur of a moment decision by my brother and me to start a full-fledged service that caters to everything bookish. Our highlight feature is the monthly subscription box which is not just one of its kind, in India but around the world,” shares Gazala, curator of The Biblio Box.

Adding, “We add two books along with merchandises that are specially designed for the box. We cater to a wide array of genres and palettes and provide the perfect box that is a dream gift for every bibliophile.”

Courtesy to this initiative, you can now get your fix of whiffing through the pages of new books every month and have your mind take over, with a painted picture before your eyes, as the world as you know it melts away.

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The Fab Bag

(onetime payment)

1 month – Rs 599

3 Months – Rs 1599

6 months – Rs 2899

12 months – Rs 4999

 The Gourmet Box

(per month payment)

The Big Gourmet Box Subscription – Rs 1500

The Lil’ Gourmet Box Subscription – Rs 700

 The Violet Box

(per month payment)

 The Violet Box – Rs. 799+

The Period Box – Rs. 899+

 The Biblio Box

(per month)

 The Biblio Box – Rs 1,350

 Heads Up For Tails

(onetime payment)

 1 Month Wagbox – Rs 1999

3 Months Wagbox – Rs 4999

6 months Wagbox – Rs 9999


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