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Are women safe in recent times? A developing country like India is trying to make its mark on the list of leading countries in the world. But still, no matter how economically developed we become, still, women don’t feel safe. No matter how educated people are, still sexual abusing is the leading crime in the country. Every morning when we wake up, there is news of a woman being sexually harassed or raped. No matter the caste and creed of the woman, they no longer feel safe even in a religious country like India, where women goddesses are worshiped every day. The women are sexually assaulted to one’s desires and, sadly, women no longer feel safe to even look at guys.

Yes, India is trying to become a Westernised country, where women are free to live their lives as they want, and have the liberty to wear anything they want, without being judged. But in India, it’s impossible no matter how much we call ourselves “Westernised”. People still look at women as an object of sexual desires.

According to the data collated by the National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) in 2015 (the most recent data available), Madhya Pradesh with 4,391 cases, Maharashtra with 4,144, Rajasthan with 3,644, Uttar Pradesh with 3,025, Odisha with 2,251 and Delhi with 2,199 recorded the highest number of reported rape cases. However, it must be noted that a lower rape count could mean a lower ‘reported’ rape count. States that do better on other gender parity metrics (literacy rate, sex ratio, workforce participation etc) are likely to see a higher count of reported rapes because more victims try to access the justice system. For example, Kerala reported 1,256 rapes while Bihar reported 1,041 rapes, despite the fact that the population of Bihar is three times the population of Kerala.

The cases of crime against women are on the rise even though awareness campaigns are held in nooks and corners of the country, the rate seems to rise up and up, even the numbers are saying for themselves. As years are passing by, new ways and tricks are being ‘invented’ to sexually harass women. Well, it’s not illiterate but even literates are involved when it comes to sexually abusing the opposite gender.

Yes, it’s true. One’s psychology is also to be blamed. But, it has now become common for men to see women as an object of sexual desires only. The time has perhaps gone when women use to feel safe when a guy used to sit next to them in public transport or in public places. Now, they are surrounded by fear — fear about will the guy start flashing his private parts or start masturbating. Some men have stooped so low nowadays where even a woman’s body is brushed with theirs, it is enough for them to start with their sexual fantasies. Women while going out in public now check if every part of their body is covered, so that they don’t become prey to perverts.

People, nowadays, are more inclining towards movies and entertainment industry, people get to know the right and wrong side of things, which are happening around them, through movies. In a way, the movie industry is trying to bring the reality to its audience, but to attract its audience they use quirky item numbers to woo audiences. Well, it’s also not about the item numbers, it’s about how they portray the women in these item numbers. On one hand, many film actors are trying to promote women empowerment, which includes freely living their life with a sense of self-worth, respect, and dignity. On the other hand, commercial cinemas use item numbers with creepy lyrics to get more audiences. Even though the item numbers not needed, makers see to it they will have one.

Is this really helping, at a time when men have stooped so low they can only see women as a sexual objects? Now, many women around the world are standing up against such heinous acts, which was the only option left for them. Pervert men are busy in creating their own world, but they have forgotten that without women there will be no world. So, Mr. Pervert, stop being lecherous, and start respecting! Will you?

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