People speak: Change Indore city’s face not name

Indore: As Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) has decided to push for changing the name of Indore to Indur, residents of city criticised the move as a diversion from basic civil works and development. Some residents stated that the IMC should seek public opinion before considering such proposals.

Residents discussed various issues like road blockages, potholes, illegal parking and limitation of 311 applications that need more attention than changing name of the city. While some admired the name ‘Indore’ much more than ‘Indur’, others felt it would be inconvenient to change it if it becomes fundamentally objectionable.  Either way, people quoted this idea of name change to be unproductive and unnecessary.

Unproductive idea, won’t help development

As a Marathi, ideally I should not have any objection to changing the name of the city to Indur, but I do not see the point of doing something like this. This would create unnecessary clash as Indore has people from all parts of the country who have built it as business hub. There is no point in playing with the name and wasting time. It is an unproductive idea that is not going to help city’s development. We should let the name remain as it is and work on development of the city instead.
– Padma Shree Bhalu Mondhe

Let us concentrate on important issues

Marathi people will like Indur as name because it is a Marathi name. Indur is a sweet name for females in Marathi, whereas Indore sounds big and royal.  Indore is a strong city that deals in business with potential to grow into a metro city. I do not see why we need to change the name that we all love. ‘Indore’ is number one! We should enjoy that.  This name discussion is adding another proposal file to development work and it is not really necessary. We should concentrate more on important issues for the development of the city that will help residents and not just make news.
– Shubha Vaidya, artist

Indore is neutral

I grew up in Indore and I want to stay in Indore, not Indur. Indore is community neutral whereas Indur solely reminds us of Maratha culture. History is a nice place to visit but not stay, so we should concentrate on present developments. I feel hurt that such proposals are being considered without taking our opinion. We are public and we should have a say in these matters.

– Rahul Kaveeshwar, sound engineer

Why the hassle!

I like Indore. I was born and brought up here. It is universally a good name that we have recognised and related to our heritage and present. I do not see why we need to change it and add unnecessary procedure.
Anyone who wishes to call Indur is free anyway, so why the hassle? I think we should concentrate on important matters of development.
– Dr Rituja Mahajan

Waste of time, resources and energy

Changing the name will not change the city! Why are we discussing such topics and not working on development? It is a waste of time, resources and energy. Our administration should work on development of the city, roads and address basic problems instead of sending proposals for name change. I do not understand how changing the way a name is pronounced will help in city’s development at all. I feel disappointed that we are considering such issues. Indore has made its identity and now changing name is not useful.
– Padma Shri Janak McGilligan Palta

Indore should not be fundamentally objected

Though I do not see why such name change is necessary at all, I hope it is not official change ever. Such change that fundamentally objects the use of Indore would cause too much problem. It is okay if all the proposal is just to change name and allow use of both as preferred by people. Overall, I do not see why we even need to change the name. Indur represents Marathas who ruled the city for a long time, therefore, I will not object to it but we should not be forced. Indur might highlight our past and give individuality; it would not be convenient.
– Narendra Singh Jhabua, former Maharaja

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