Parents are The God on Earth

We should always live with the following spirits:

  • My existence is because of my parents. I should never give room to any egoism in my mind as everything is given to me. I have not made any contribution in these, parents have given me birth, teachers have imparted knowledge to me , my ancestors are my self-respect. I shall make way for wisdom, duty and worthful living and thereby will bring glory to my parents, teachers, clan and the nation.
  • A mother keeps her children in the womb for nine months with love, compassion, affection and care. After delivery she keeps the child for nine months in her lap and gives love to the child till her last breath. In fact, it is the mother who imparts values to her children. There are maximum chances that a children will deviate to a wrong path if his mother is not matured enough and not having a sound character. The following story is quite familiar to all the citizens of Bharata:

A thief was caught red-handed while stealing something by the soldiers of a king. The king of that kingdom ordered the punishment of “hang till death” for the thief. The thief was very much depressed upon hearing the punishment. He was to be hanged after two days. As a last wish, he requested the king for the permission of meeting his mother. The king accepted his plea. His mother was called to meet the son.

When the thief met his mother, he gave a tight slap on the face of his mother and told, “Mother, if you had punished me for my first offense of stealing a needle, then i would not have become such a big thief and not on the verge of hanging.” Her mother was embarrassed, wept profusely and repented and left with her broken heart. Eventually, the thief was hanged. This story points out that- a mother is the first teacher to her children. A child’s character depends upon the teachings of his mother. That’s why, nourish your children with good values.

It is cent per cent true that all pilgrimages reside at the feet of parents. They are the God on earth. Mata gurutara bhumeh khat pitoccatarastatha (Mahabharata vanaparva), it means — the weightage of a mother’s love is more then that of earth and the place of a father is higher than the sky.

  • Our Rsis have voiced:

Matruman pitrumanacaryavan puruso veda

(Satapathabrahmana-14.6, 10.2 and chandogyopanisad-6.14, 2)

A child whose parents are erudites and teachers well-versed in wisdom is considered great. For parents, there children are the most loved one. So, one should never disrespect parents. They must not be forced to live in old-age homes, otherwise the God will give you body of an animal in your next birth because you reap what you sow. 

We must adopt the following norms and values in our lives.

Matrdevo bhava, pitrdevo bhava, acaryadevo bhava, atithidevo bhava.

                                                                                                       (Taittiriyopanisad Siksavalli-11)

  • Mother is an embodiment of love, compassion and affection, whereas a father is like a banyan tree- who himself bears the heat of the sun to give shelter to his family. That’s the reason, we remember our father in case of any big disaster. So one should express gratitude to one’s parents till the last breath.
  • When we didn’t know how to speak even then our parents spoke to us affectionately and patiently. Today, we can speak, still we don’t have time for them. How ungrateful we are, we should talk to them atleast for a while in a day to the full of gratitude.
  • Selfless service to living parents, teachers, erudites, great personalities and real saints (holy persons) is called sraddha\ and not a practice of performing oblation, feast etc. after the death of parents or teachers,
  • Sraddha means absolute devotion in following the teachings of parents, teachers, acaryas, and saints.
  • If we selflessly serve our parents, then only our children will take care of us.


  • A guru is the one who awakens his disciples, makes them connected to the ultimate supreme power, shows them the direction, re-establishes the values of forgotten wisdom, makes them learn sadhana, makes his disciples intellectually sound and profound like himself by introducing them to their atma, yet, always remember- a teacher is only a motivator and a guide who shows the correct path, but it is the disciple who has to make his own endeavours to walk on this path.
  • If we connect ourselves to the level of consciousness in which our Rsis, Santas, Gurus and Acaryas lived their lives and follow the advices given by them while in rtambhara-prajna e. in the state of prajna prasada achieved in jivanamukti-avastha (liberated while still alive), that is through rtambhara-prajna, (that power or truth obtained in the super-reflective state of samadhi), then we too shall act and behave in the way similar to the saints and gurus and our lives will become as divine as theirs. The following story also reveals the same truth stated.
  • The students at the Gurukula (A school ancient times of imparting education) of Mahar$i Dhoumya used to graze the cows and do fanning in addition to obtaining education. One evening, the sky was obscured with dark clouds and torrential rains poured out from the skies. Acharya Dhoumya’s mind was drawn to his agricultural fields. He pondered that the rain water was essential for farming. However, the precious water would not stay in the fields if the boundaries were broken. Moreover, the flow of rain water would also deplete the alluvial soil of the fields. It was, therefore, crucial to repair the broken boundaries, if any.

(Excerpted from the book Divine Transformation: Building Blocks for Englightened Life, Ideal Nation & Peaceful World by Acharya Balakrishna)

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