Pakistani Editor’s surprising comments on rape, child abuse and paedophilia will leave you SHOCKED!

Fasih Ahmed, Editor of Newsweek’s Pakistan edition, came under fire after he issued a series of tweets on rape and paedophilia. The tweets were in the wake of an arrest in the rape and murder of a child that unfolded in Pakistan’s Punjab province. The thread started with the tweet about the man arrested and accused in the case and later Ahmed went ahead by sharing his own thoughts on the topic. He tweeted, “The sexual abuse of children will always exist. You can never eliminate it. Sometimes it leads to great art. So there’s also that.” But following the criticism he later deleted the tweet.

Ahmed, however, did not delete the two tweets that said, “Child sexual abuse has always happened, is happening, and will always continue. Two days of outrage on Twitter and participating in a 10-person vigil may make you feel so noble but that’s all just about you, not those who’ve been victimized.”

Ahmed also explained how rape is subjective, he tweeted, “Rape by, say, Obama is rape. Rape by, say, Tom Cruise is everyone’s dream come true. All subjective.” He did not stop here, he further issued a disclaimer saying that his account has not been hacked. He tweeted, “My account has not been hacked. Relax.”

As a result, Newsweek disassociated itself from the views expressed by Ahmed and said it was reviewing its relationship with its Pakistan edition. Newsweek tweeted, “Recent tweets by Newsweek Pakistan editor @therealfasih do not represent the views of @Newsweek. We are reviewing our relationship with @NewsweekPak, which operates under a license agreement.”

Pertaining to Ahmed’s tweets the Lahore Literary Festival (LLF) annouced that Fasih Ahmed had recused himself from the LLF and the Board has unanimously accepted his resignation. The LLF tweeted, “The Lahore Literary Festival (LLF) has received several complaints pertaining to the tweets on January 23, 2018 from the personal twitter handle of Mr Fasih Ahmed. This account and its tweets do not in any way represent or reflect the ethos or values of the LLF.”

It was followed by another tweet, that said, “In view of the same, Mr Ahmed has recused himself from the LLF and the Board has unanimously accepted his resignation.”

Addressing the criticism, what seemed like a complete U-turn to Ahmed’s previous tweets, he said, “My tweets of yesterday were coming from anger, were poorly phrased, and misread. I’m sorry to have upset the people who have survived child abuse. I have been angry at the conspiracy of silence around this evil. #MeToo #StopChildAbuse.”

Followed by his next tweet, that said, “Child abuse is pure evil. Zainab needs to be a watershed moment. Talk about it. Deal with it. Don’t shame those who have to live with it.”

He further tweeted, “Pretending it didn’t happen and it doesn’t happen is not cool. Condemning it on Twitter is not good enough. Reach out and help the survivors. Don’t tell them to get over it. Not helpful.”

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