‘No party is giving clear picture of development’

Indore: many people including youths and elders feel disappointed with parties contesting elections as they think no one is talking about future development, be it city or state. They appear unsure of choosing candidates from either parties. Free press talked to a cross section of residents to know their views.

‘No party is giving clear picture of development’

Candidates cannot communicate

Let alone talking about development, candidates barely know how to communicate. How can we have a leader who cannot be a good example for our future generation? It is a disappointing situation. Candidates use all tactics just to win elections. They don’t talk of future plans. No party is giving clear picture of development.Dr shyamali chowdhury

‘No party is giving clear picture of development’

Leaders should set example

Election campaigns have become a joke wherein candidates just greet people and ask for votes. In reality, nobody is considering importance of voting, need for development in the city, women’s safety. Our leader should set an example but they are calling names and questioning contribution of other parties. Why isn’t anyone talking about making state safer, smarter and well-developed? Administrator bindiya sood

‘No party is giving clear picture of development’

No commitment towards solving issues

if government sincerely works to address a problem, it is possible to solve it. The problem is that many candidates are goons. We need a leader who is willing to change the scenario. It is possible to create a safe environment for people, specially women. But this issue is missing in election campaigns. Fitness enthusiast vanshika gangwani

‘No party is giving clear picture of development’

Expert view

negative advertising in trend

negative advertising is more in trend because there are only two major political parties in fray. With one on one competition, it is an obvious promotion of self when another has to be put down. In my analysis, both parties have different stand and reach. But tables tend to turn last minute in mp elections. Hopefully, the negativity and questioning will reduce and we will have a leader with concrete plans of development. Psychiatrist dr pawan rathi

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