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She is the most popular voice in Bollywood, a face that has producers lining up to sign her on for movies, she is KANIKA KAPOOR the Baby Doll of gold with her chittiyan kalaiyan all in person…. But mostly she is the voice of Hindi pop-music writes SHUBARNA MUKERJI SHU.

How does it feel to be the most popular voice in Bollywood today?

Honestly, when someone tells me that, a part of me is like really? Me? I cannot explain it but in one word, it’s weird. It is exactly where I wanted to be, but I didn’t really imagine it would happen the way it has. When I walk into studios today to record music, I am still like it is the first time I have ever stepped into that zone. It hasn’t seeped in for me. It is still a surreal experience.


You telling me you still don’t feel like a star already?

I was 11years old when I won at the ‘Crossroads’ in Lucknow. I remember I sang a Beetles song and ‘Baiyaan na dharo…’! That time when I won, I felt like a star. Believe me, I am sure I walked around like one too, showing off amongst the girls and more the boys. I felt more like a star then than I do today after garnering all the awards for playback singing. That moment when I won, I felt like I have become something, and I knew what I wanted to do… in life. I started working really hard towards it, more than me, my Guruji worked hard on it. It was like everyone wanted to make sure I succeeded. My school would give me special leaves so that I could go on concerts with Anup Jalotaji. I learnt performing arts, I even trained with Kishore Namit Kapoor… I guess in my small way I was constantly working towards achieving what I have today.

What you have today is a popularity that is unparalleled, what do you think makes you unique.


I think it is my style, I have a very edgy style of singing. My throw too, its different. I don’t copy anyone. Though I have to admit when I was growing up, I copied everyone. As a kid I used to sing songs of Ila Arun and even Alka Yagnik, I can sing like Shubha Mudgal too. That’s I guess how I have managed to develop a unique style of myself that is unlike any one of these popular voices.

A unique voice that has made Sunny Leone a household name!

I hope she thinks like that… but jokes apart, I think it has worked both ways, what Baby doll…. Did for her, it did for me too. What I did for her, she did for me! So it’s been a two way street.


Talking about Baby doll… does it seem like a whole different lifetime or was it just yesterday it all happened!

Just yesterday. I still remember I recorded the song in May 2013, I still remember when I walked into the studio it was like there was wind all around, it was so unreal. In July I made my father listen to it in my car and he was like ‘What kind of song is that…’

It did start with a mix reaction and then ended up becoming an anthem…

I remember my grand-dad called up, actually he is my grand-dad’s brother, we live in a joint family so everyone is my granddad. Well he works at the embassy and was playing golf with one of the foreign delegates, post that they had breakfast and he called me. Saying the foreign delegate he was playing with, was a 70yr old man whose ringtone was ‘Baby doll….’, he was calling me up to tell me that I have arrived.

When I would see videos on small girls, and old men all dancing to the song, it was like an outta body experience. I don’t know how great it felt, it’s beyond words.

Yet, baby doll was only the beginn-ing…

True, here on there is going to more singing, more singing and more singing.

What about acting…

Well, that will happen too. You will soon see me on the camera.

Tell me more…

I cannot right now, but soon. As of now, there is a music album ready to hit the market. Biryani ban gayi hai, bas garam ho raha hai abhi!

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