Navy Day 2018: President Kovind, PM Modi extend wishes to Indian Navy personnel and their families
Navy Day 2018: President Kovind, PM Modi extend wishes to Indian Navy personnel and their families

On this Navy Day, I extend my appreciation to all officers, sailors, civilians of the Indian Navy and their families. India’s enviable geographical location gives it a commanding maritime presence in the Indian Ocean and also bestows on the Indian Navy the responsibility of keeping it safe for our countrymen and the international community.

Our current security environment has thrown up new challenges to which our navy has responded in a very professional manner. The Indian Navy has also been a forerunner in keeping pace with technological advances and indigenisation by making state of the art warships and submarines, thus transforming itself into a formidable force.

As a rising power and responsible maritime nation, it becomes incumbent upon our great country to ensure peace and stability in our region. The Indian Navy is one of the most potent instruments of national power proving an unparalleled range of options to safeguard our maritime areas of interest. I wish the Indian Navy continued success in all their endeavours.

Ram Nath Kovind

Navy Day 2018: President Kovind, PM Modi extend wishes to Indian Navy personnel and their families

On the occasion of Navy Day 2018, I extend my warm greetings and best wishes to all Indian Navy personnel and their families. The Indian Navy is at the forefront in safeguarding India’s maritime interests, providing humanitarian assistance, and building bridges of friendship with friendly maritime neighbours and partners. Today, the Indian Navy is a multi-dimensional, technologically advanced force, capable of protecting the country and meeting any maritime challenge India may face.

The Indian Navy’s role in providing disaster relief and humanitarian assistance in various distress situation in India as well as abroad has been noteworthy. The Indian Navy’s thrust on indigenisation has seen it graduate from a ‘Buyer’ to a ‘Builder’, while retaining its cutting edge. I am confident that our devoted and dedicated Naval personnel will continue to fulfill the duties entrusted to them by the nation.
Jai Hind!

Narendra Modi
Prime Minister

Navy Day 2018: President Kovind, PM Modi extend wishes to Indian Navy personnel and their families

On Navy Day 2018, greetings and best wishes to all members of the Indian Navy and their families. The regional security environment in our neighbourhood remains fragile and there is a requirement for our Armed Forces to remain vigilant at all times. The dimensions of conflict in recent years have shifted to state-sponsored terrorism, and the maritime medium requires close watch. With the Indian Navy striving to be the maritime net security provider in the region, its responsibilities have increased manifold.

The Indian Navy today is a multi-dimensional blue water force with a formidable international reputation for professionalism. The Indian Navy, apart from defending India’s maritime interests, has also been maintaining peace and tranquillity in the waters of the Indian Ocean, to the benefit of the international community. The Indian Navy’s efforts at indigenisation have been path-breaking, and compliments to them for their efforts in this direction. Wishing the Indian Navy all the very best in all their endeavours.
Jai Hind

Nirmala Sitharaman
Minister of Defence

Navy Day 2018: President Kovind, PM Modi extend wishes to Indian Navy personnel and their families

On the occasion of the Navy Day 2018, I convey my greetings to all personnel of the Western Naval Command. The Fourth of December marks a glorious day in the annals of Indian naval history where in 1971, the ships of the Western Naval Command dealt a decisive blow to the adversary in what is now considered a most unique and successful Naval Operation since World War II. The Navy Day 2018 is also special since, this is the Golden Jubilee year of the Western Naval Command.

In the emerging environment, we face a number of challenges in the maritime domain, where the role of the Indian Navy is becoming more significant with each passing day. The Navy has played a stellar role in ensuring maritime security, by keeping the sea lanes safe and by countering various threats in the Indian Ocean. This has contributed significantly, not only to the nation’s development, but also towards the economies of many countries in the Indian Ocean Region.

Ships of the Western Naval Command are deployed for prolonged periods to protect our national interests. They are also deployed overseas to visit countries near and far, conveying the message of goodwill and friendship and supplementing the country’s diplomatic efforts. Other activities such as hydrographic surveys of the coasts of friendly nations, training their naval personnel in India, providing assistance towards building their capability and conducting naval exercises with foreign navies have built “Bridges of Friendship” across the Indian Ocean Region and beyond.

It was a moment of pride for the entire nation and particularly for the Indian Navy when ‘Navika Sagar Parikrama’, an all-women crew from the Indian Navy completed the circumnavigation of the world by sailing on INSV Tarani, becoming the first to achieve this extraordinary feat

The Indian Navy has been at the forefront of growth and technological excellence that rival those of the finest in the world. Be it latest platforms like Kolkata Class Destroyers, Corvettes, Patrol Vessels, etc. constructed by our shipyards, or the collaborative production of the Kalvari Class attack submarine, the Indian Navy has long been a true proponent of the ‘Make in India’ vision.

In addition to maintaining a steady vigil over the vast expanse of Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea, the Western Naval Command has also made major contributions towards Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) operations in times of crises and natural calamities. The relentless and extensive Search and Rescue efforts conducted by the Indian Navy during Cyclone Ockhi as well as the recent Kerala Floods, have once again reiterated the Indian Navy’s multifarious capabilities and selfless dedication to our nation.

The Western Naval Command justifiably bears the proud sobriquet of being the shining sword of the Indian Navy, with the Aircraft Carrier INS Vikramaditya and most of the latest warships, submarines and aircraft of the navy in its arsenal. I am also pleased to learn that the Western Naval Command has made significant progress in enhancing operational readiness and strengthening maritime and coastal security.

As part of the Golden Jubilee year events, a number of meaningful activities like the year-long Swachchta Campaign, WNC Navy Half Marathon, car and motorcycle rallies, sailing expeditions, etc. have been organised. The efforts by the Command to strengthen bonds with the civilian community are indeed commendable.

I would like to assure our people that the Indian Navy, and the Western Naval Command are ever vigilant and ready to take on any challenge to further and protect India’s national interests. I congratulate the men, women and families of the Western Naval Command on the occasion of Navy Day 2018, and take this opportunity to reassure them of our support and recognition for their service to the nation.

CH. Vidyasagar Rao
Governor of Maharashtra

Navy Day 2018: President Kovind, PM Modi extend wishes to Indian Navy personnel and their families

In recent years, a resurgent India has established itself as a responsible and credible power. With the fastest growing large economy in the world, India is making significant strides towards realising its rightful place in the world order. The oceans play an invaluable role in supporting our economic growth, as a source of energy as well as the medium through which most of our international trade is undertaken.

Concurrently, the Global Order itself is undergoing a phase of transition. The maritime areas of the Indo-Pacific Region have emerged as the primary theatre for this strategic interplay. Furthermore, the ‘globalisation of terror’ as well as other non-traditional threats like transnational crime and piracy continue to undermine maritime security. Additionally, natural disasters have regularly required nations to work together for the safety and security of life.

These challenges are comprehensively addressed by the Indian Navy while fulfilling its mandate of protecting and preserving our maritime interests. Focused on this objective, the Indian Navy’s Theme for the year is “Mission Deployed and Combat Ready”. The theme demonstrates our commitment to maintain persistent presence wherever security of our interests may be challenged, as well as readiness to undertake whatever action may be required to ensure their safety and security.

The future growth of the Indian Navy as a highly capable maritime force is based on two main pillars – Indigenisation and Self-Reliance. In addition, we seek to engage the vibrant and dynamic youth of the nation by offering unmatched opportunities of leadership in a wide variety of challenging situations, while working with cutting-edge technologies. Every member of Team Indian Navy remains ever committed to its core ethos ‘Duty, Honour, Courage’. Together, we work tirelessly to ensure that the Indian Ocean continues to remain stable, secure and favourable for inclusive economic growth across the region.
Jai Hind. Sam no Varunah!

Admiral Sunil Lanba
Chief of the Naval Staff

Navy Day 2018: President Kovind, PM Modi extend wishes to Indian Navy personnel and their families

As we celebrate the Navy Day, we draw immense pride and inspiration from the valiant naval action of our predecessors during the Indo-Pak War of 1971. Their courage, sacrifice and professionalism brought us decisive victory, and serves as a beacon of light to guide us in our service of the Nation, as also to reassure our fellow citizens that the Indian Navy remains mission-ready and fully committed to address any threats. This year, as the Western Naval Command marks its Golden Jubilee, the Navy Day assumes even greater significance.

The prevailing geo-strategic and security environment is witnessing a distinct shift in focus towards the Indo-Pacific Region, triggered predominantly by the shift in global economic activity to Asia. With rise in sea-borne threats and challenges, ongoing conflicts in the Indian Ocean Region, and concerns about maritime security, stability and freedom of navigation; the maritime domain is increasingly shaping the geopolitics of the region. Fully cognizant of this new reality and the current emphasis on ‘Blue Economy’, the Indian Navy remains fully trained, equipped and poised to respond to any challenge that may emerge

in our maritime area of interest. Aptly, the theme for Navy Week – 2018 is ‘Indian Navy – Mission Deployed and Combat Ready’.  Equipped with a wide range of highly potent ships, submarines and aircraft, the Western Naval Command remains at the vanguard of the Navy’s increased tempo of operations and high state of combat and operational readiness. Our platforms have increasingly undertaken coordinated Long Range Deployments in all three dimensions – air, sea and sub-surface; across the vast area of interest of the Western Naval Command.

Additionally, anti-piracy patrols, and missions to maintain surveillance of our vast Exclusive Economic Zone, have contributed towards maintaining maritime security and freedom of navigation in the region. Regular war games and exercises such as Exercise Paschim Lehar – 2018 have sharpened our combat edge. We have also undertaken numerous multilateral and bilateral exercises with friendly foreign navies.

This year, ships of the Western Fleet have showcased the Indian flag at major ports of the Persian Gulf, East Coast of Africa, South Africa and Southern Indian Ocean. The challenges associated with operation and maintenance of these technologically advanced platforms, at extended ranges and for prolonged durations, have been deftly overcome by the highly skilled officers and sailors manning them, and the commitment and ingenuity of personnel from support agencies at naval dockyards, ship repair yards and aircraft yards. Recently, the Command has successfully

concluded the maiden trials of the Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicle (DSRV), and with it, ushered in a niche capability to the Indian Navy. During the trials, the DSRV also dived successfully up to 666m, a record for deepest submergence by ‘a manned vessel’ in Indian waters. Coastal Security is a priority area for the Western Naval Command, and we continue to work in close coordination with State and Central agencies, in order to safeguard our coastline and offshore assets.

The Command has also displayed its preparedness in supporting civil administration and foreign governments, whenever called upon during times of crisis. Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) and Search & Rescue (SAR) operations undertaken in the wake of Cyclone Ockhi, the recent floods in Kerala, and gas leak onboard an offshore oil platform, have proven the Indian Navy’s unwavering commitment to provide succour to our citizens when required.

The Command lays due emphasis on the development of its human capital, including holistic welfare measures and infrastructure augmentation, because our highly potent combat platforms are only as good as the personnel who operate them. Considering the hazards and risks inherent to our working environment, Safety has also been accorded due priority,
and has gained its rightful share in the mindspace of personnel in the Command.

As part of its Golden Jubilee Celebrations, the Western Naval Command has endeav-oured to conduct a number of meaningful activities, like the year-long cleanliness and conservation drive titled ‘Ab Swachchta Ki Baari, Hum Sabki Zimmedaari’ in workplaces  and residential areas, WNC Navy Half Marathon, car and motorcycle rallies, sailing expedition, ocean sailing race, etc.

These  activities have also contributed towards enhancing the connect between the Navy and  the civilian community. A number of other events have also been organized to bring  the Navy closer to the people, and to raise awareness about maritime issues. I am confident that all personnel in the Western Naval Command, will continue to perform their duties in keeping with the highest traditions of our glorious service. The Navy Day gives us an opportunity to rededicate ourselves to the service of our Nation and contribute to India’s unhindered growth and prosperity, by safeguarding her maritime interests.
Sam No Varunah! Jai Hind!

Vice Admiral Girish Luthra
Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief
Western Naval Command

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