National Pet Day Today – Hail the beasts that bring feel good factor in our lives

Tina Khatri | Updated on: Wednesday, May 29, 2019, 10:51 PM IST


Indore: Love is never limited to a human being or to a particular creature. In digital era when many people check smart phones even while dinning, animal lovers choose to help stray animals and spend time with pets. National Pet Day is observed on April 11 that encourages people to pay attention to stray animals and pets. Free Press brings you views of animal lovers.

Best friend, brother and more says Siddharth

I live alone with my mother (Rinky Manglani). I always look up to her. One day, I told my mother that I feel lonely as I don’t have a sibling.  Then, my mother came up with an amazing idea. She gifted me a pup – Leo. We brought him home on June 17, 2016, when it was just 21 days old.


Since then, Leo has filled the void in our lives and brought immense happiness to us. Leo is my best friend, brother and so much more. Pets have godly powers that lend magic to our lives.

They are stress busters

My fishes, birds and our adopted dogs are stress busters. They made the atmosphere lively in our house after our children moved away for higher studies. I feel relaxed and happy whenever I am around fishes. Their presence makes every task easier and seamless. The way my exotic fishes swim happily in their ponds, I think I can similarly swim my way through life.


Dr Pushpa Kalia fessing fishes

Pets bring positivity


In the last decade, I feel good to see that people keep pets in their house. Pets bring positivity in every household. I spend my days surrounded by pets as I treat them and help pet owners to understand their basic care.

I feel great to see that humanity is still alive. Many people help stray dogs and even bring injured dogs to me.  These people are not social workers. They are common people, professionals who understand importance of life. I have a black Pomeranian named Rancho who stays at home. He is the every-ready enthusiastic kid of our house.

Veterinarian Dr Brahma Prakash Shukla

Best childhood memories  

I grew up with pets and they are the best memories I have of my childhood. My father had brought home Chiku, a Pomeranian who won everyone’s heart. I developed empathy towards Chiku and found her to be much more considerate than most humans. As I grew up, I began to feed stray dogs and fought for animal rights. At present, I have a Pomeranian named Laali who lives with us.

Animal activist Shailendra Singh with Laali

A bank of positivity  

My adopted stray dogs especially Barik and Bhuri have a very positive impact on my life. I am taking care of Bhuri since she was born. She is very energetic and full of life.

Whenever I feel low, frustrated or dejected, I sit with her and spend some time with her alone. Bhuri understands my mood and then licks my face. She pampers me.

Her efforts transform worst day to best day. No matter how low I am feeling, she makes me feel happy again.  She is my positivity bank, always filled with love.

Café owner Nidhi Kale

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Published on: Wednesday, April 11, 2018, 12:15 PM IST