Updated on: Thursday, May 30, 2019, 12:40 AM IST

Naredra Modi Interview: Here is a list of questions the media should ask the Prime Minister


Prime Minister Narendra Modiji gave his precious time to two television networks, Zee and Times Now, but the interview seemed more like a PR exercise rather than an interview conducted by journalist. Though we do want to know, where the Prime Minister gets his strength to work day in day out, but I also want to know what the Prime Minister things about the things that happen around him.

But, when these journalists interviewed the Prime Minister, there was not a single instance of them trying to intrude while he was talking, nor was an attempt made to cross question the Prime Minister on the various numbers and facts he was stating during the course of the interview.

The questions asked by the journalists to the Prime Minister sounded more like a PR gimmick rather than the journalists questioning the Prime Minister of the country, who has been at the office for more than 3 years, during which he has managed to do all the good that he has claimed, but let us not forget he has faltered too.


So, for the sake of TV journalists and also with the hope that the Prime Minister will hold an open press conference for the first time in his tenure, just like his predecessors, here is a compilation of the questions that can be asked the of the Prime Minister.

  • You were clearly against Aadhaar and were very vocal about it during the UPA government, so what has changed now? You also pointed out that the security loopholes in Aadhaar have they vanished now?
  • During the UPA government, FDI in retail was a big issue, BJP was completely against 100% FDI in retail sector but, the current government passed the bill without any hue and cry, why?
  • Why are the petrol and diesel rates still in high 70s? Considering the global price of crude has dropped.
  • Around 150 people died while the demonetisation exercise was carried out, what does he feel about those deaths?
  • Why at public appearances you say art should not be restricted and creativity should have all the freedom it needs, but refuses to make a single comment, when the Karni Sena is threatening to divide the country just for a movie, with the backing of his own party men?
  • On the issue of Triple Talaq, what you think will happen to Muslim women after her husband is jailed for divorcing her?
  • What was the reason, that you accused the former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh stating that he was conspiring with the aid of Pakistan foreign minister during the Gujarat elections?
  • There have been instances where the BJP ministers have spoken against you and the way you hold autonomy in every decision that is taken by the BJP, do you think one man rule is helpful?
  • You think the growth rate would have been far better, if you had decided to not carry out demonetisation?
  • Do you or your office decide what questions to be asked, during an interview?

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Published on: Tuesday, January 23, 2018, 08:21 PM IST