Mumbai University fiasco: 29,000 results held in reserve, students have to wait till it is rectified

Mumbai: Around 29,000 results have been held in reserve by Mumbai University (MU) despite declaring major results. All that students can do or rather have to do is ‘wait’ as the university will rectify these results in 10 to 15 days. This confusion can be cleared once the assessment of the 58,000 pending answer scripts is completed.

The results have been held in reserve because the answer scripts have been misplaced or not scanned or uploaded correctly. According to the university, there have been two types of errors logical mismatch and physical mismatch. Logical mismatch is where the answer scripts of other courses are mixed with the pending answer scripts. While, physical mismatch is where the answer scripts have not been scanned or uploaded accurately and are thus missing.

Due to this error, the university needs 10 to 15 days to track the answer scripts. Arjun Ghatule, director (in-charge), board of examinations and evaluation, said, “We are tracking the answer scripts that are mixed with the pending Commerce and Institute of Distance and Open Learning (IDOL) courses. But this will happen only once the assessment of the pending answer scripts is completed. Only then the examiners would be able to track papers that do not belong to their course.”

A student said, “We do not even know if we have passed or failed as our results are held in reserve.” Ghatule added, “Students have to wait as the tracking process would take time. It is like finding one answer script among a bunch of hundred. We have created a data building system where the barcodes of centres are being updated. We are working on rectifying the results of third year graduation and final year engineering on a priority basis.”

Over 3,800 results of Bachelor of Science (BSc) course were held in reserve but now 780 are left. Ghatule said, “We cleared these results within a week. 780 results are pending but this process will show down a bit as the answer scripts can be tracked as per the assessment of the Commerce papers.” Out of total of 477 examinations 463 results have been declared, 14 results  are pending, 58,000 answer scripts are pending to be assessed and 29,000 results held in reserve (RR category).

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